Deputy Ward Calhoun Jr. of the Lauderdale County informed members of the Suqualena Community Development Club on personal safety and how to assist local law enforcement at the club’s Sept. 14, 2007, meeting.

Calhoun advised the group to be observant and notify law enforcement when they notice anything unusual around their home — an unfamiliar car, a stranger coming to the door, someone walking around a neighbor’s house or even a car suspiciously parked in a neighbor’s driveway.

“It is better to be cautious than sorry later that you didn’t call someone,” he said.

Calhoun ended his discussion with a question-and-answer session.

Pat Smith geared up members for Suqualena Settlers Day with the devotional reading “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” at the club’s Sept. 14, 2007, meeting.

The club was preparing for the event, of which proceeds go to LOVE’s Kitchen and Care Lodge. Smith said she thought the story, taken from the book “When I’m Seeking Gods Will,” fit the occasion.

Based on the scripture Matthew 25:31, the story was about Dr. Orr and how he would give his coat to someone who didn’t have one and often went back to his office shivering cold himself for having done so. Smith said in this way he felt he was helping his neighbor.

One of Dr. Orr’s special students was TV personality Fred Rogers of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.” Orr said he was always proud of Rogers because he also taught the importance of being a good neighbor.

JoAnn Kimbrell presided over the meeting in the absence of club President Diann Howse, who was attending a volunteer firefighters certification class. Calhoun lead the group in The Pledge of Allegiance.

During the business session, Harriet Touchstone read the minutes of last meeting and Smith presented the treasure’s report.

Kimbrell read a thank-you note from Mr. Guy for a scholarship he received from the club. She also reminded members the club will meet on Oct. 15 because of revival services scheduled at Macedonia Baptist Church.

Kimbrell asked members of the Suqualena Settlers Day planning committee to give a brief report on the area they planned to work with. Ken Turner said the dedication for the historical marker was scheduled for Sept. 29. Political speakers, vendors and lots of good food would be available, he said..

Nancy Van Doren won the door prize

Refreshments were served by Janet Trest , Betty Gunn, Diann Howse, Pat Smith and Norma Cooksey.

• Report submitted by Norma Cooksey

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