SAUCIER (AP) — A chase over a stolen vintage 1970 Ford led to the arrest of a man wanted on outstanding warrants and the recovery of the vehicle.

The chase and arrest happened Friday when Kevin Necaise was enroute to work.

Necaise said Dwayne Ladner, a best friend since middle school, called him, saying his black Ford truck had been stolen by thieves New Year’s Eve.

‘‘It hit me that looks like that old truck me and him went and picked up six or seven years ago’’ to fix up, said Necaise.

So Necaise, driving the posted 55-mph speed limit, tailed the dingy pickup that was towing his friend’s Ford along rural Mississippi 53. The wheels and chrome trim had been stripped and likely hocked. Necaise called Ladner, who called police.

Necaise followed the truck as it pulled into a country store. He shut his door and walked toward the store but the suspects took off, and Necaise followed.

‘‘It was literally Dukes of Hazzard down these side roads chasing,’’ said Necaise. ‘‘It was on.’’

Necaise, 39, who used to drag race in his younger days, kept up in his Nissan Titan. ‘‘That thing will run a little bit,’’ he said. ‘‘I was doing 90, 95 (mph). They were doing 100 in a trailer.’’

A man in the back of the truck started dumping things out into the ditches. Necaise said he stayed on the phone with police. At one point, the passengers hopped out at a blind curve and worked frantically to unhitch the trailer. Necaise’s truck almost smashed into them.

‘‘I’m about to die right here over the old truck,’’ he recalled he said to himself. The passenger in the back soon bailed near the intersection of West Wortham and McHenry roads. The man put his hand in his pocket as if he were carrying a gun, Necaise said and an unmarked police cruiser arrived.

Necaise said police arrested Kenneth V. Pierce, on outstanding warrants. He said the deputy picked up the chase, leaving Pierce under Necaise’s watch.

Deputies located the stolen Ford pickup and the truck that was pulling it. A man and a woman escaped into a wooded area.


Information from: The Sun Herald,

AP-CS-01-06-08 1917EST

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