Donald Smith came to Meridian in 1984 to attend school at Meridian Community College. He loved the people and the area so much that he decided to stay. And he met and married Rita Dallas and together they are raising a fine family that loves the outdoors.

Smith likes to fish but has been so busy most of the year that he just hasn’t had a lot of time to try his luck. That all changed a couple weeks ago when he made a trip to a local lake late one afternoon in search of a fish or two. What he got was more than he bargained for however.

While growing up near Morton he fished and hunted like most country boys and learned a thing or two in the process. One of the things he learned was about big baits. “Big baits catch big fish, at least thatís my theory,” noted the veteran angler.

Many catches

And he should know something about catching them because the avid bass fisherman has caught more than his share with his largest bass weighing over nine pounds. At least that was the largest one until his recent trip.

Smith was fishing a lake known to have lots of small bass. In fact, the owner had told him that nobody had caught any big ones in the lake in a while, but he knew they were in there. With that in mind, Smith picked out one of his largest baits and tied it on. The willow leaf spinnerbait was huge and should make an enticing offering for a monster bass. Most of the time the really big bass don’t chase small fish, or eat very often, but when they do they want a real meal. And that’s just what the veteran angler had in mind.

It didn’t take long for the action to heat up that Saturday afternoon. On his third cast something stopped the spinnerbait cold. Smith thought he had a stump at first. “I yanked on that thing, and it commenced to yanking back,” exclaimed the excited angler! The old sow bass tore out like a torpedo and put up quite a battle.

Tough battle

As the monster bass tail walked on the water, it really got Smith fired up. Time and time again the bass rose above the surface and wallowed, while trying to spit the hook out. Every time it vaulted skyward Smith had an answer for the bass and finally wore her down like only an accomplished angler could. By all accounts the bass weighed nearly 13 pounds!

Smith had a little advice for those wanting to catch a big bass, but it’s not a secret. Just go fishing and go regularly! And while you’re at it, he advised to take a child with you. You just never know what an impact a fishing trip might have on a youngster’s life. I know it had a big impact on mine!

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