Brad Scrimpshire has been hunting deer all his life, but he was almost shaken to the core at what he saw on a recent hunt. Scrimpshire spotted a buck with a massive, unbelievably wide rack. The veteran hunter was hunting in Clarke County when he saw the buck at a distance of 750 yards. The deer was too far for a shot, but was now on the Scrimpshire radar screen.

Even at the tender age of nine years Scrimpshire showed the promise of things to come as he harvested a big nine point buck and was hooked for life. Little did he know it at the time, but that was the beginning of a career that would lead to a lifetime of hunting trophy bucks. Even so, Scrimpshire wasn’t quite prepared for upcoming events that could change his life forever. His hunting area is made up of rolling hills covered by pine plantations. The pines had been thinned and as a result, hunters can spot deer at long distances. On this particular day Scrimpshire’s appetite was whetted even more by the appearance of the monster buck.

He’s the one

Though he didn’t have a shot at the buck upon first sighting it, Scrimpshire decided to pull out all the stops and hunt only that buck during the remainder of his hunting season. On the fateful day in question the ardent hunter ran late and didn’t arrive at his preferred hunting location until around 3:15 p. m.

Before going to his stand Scrimpshire quickly got his arsenal out and working. He saturated a drag rag with Tink’s 69 and spread the scent of a “hot doe” all the way to his stand. Upon arriving at the stand location, Scrimpshire promptly put out a Code Blue Tarsal Gland. He coupled that with more scent bombs which he hoped would attract any rutting bucks in the area. At exactly 3:45 the savvy hunter spotted movement nearly 200 yards out. At about 150 yards distance the buck of a lifetime appeared and offered a near perfect shot. Scrimpshire centered the crosshairs on the buck and squeezed the trigger. As the rifle’s report echoed throughout the surrounding area the monster buck vanished with nary a scratch. Not a sign of a hit or hint of blood could be found. The buck of a lifetime had slipped through his hands, or so it seemed.

Though Scrimpshire was disheartened he decided to hang with it and see if he could influence the buck for another chance. With his stand located just off of a long green patch Scrimpshire could watch a wide area of land, thereby giving him an excellent chance of harvesting a buck. As a little added enticement he decided to use his Primos Can, along with a grunt call to try to call up another deer.

After waiting a few minutes for things to settle down Scrimpshire started calling with the doe in estrous can call. Then he followed up with a few grunts mimicking that of a mature buck. Before long a large deer appeared with his ears pinned back and headed his way. It was obvious the buck was answering the challenge of the intruder that had suddenly appeared in his territory.

Return engagement

Ironically the buck of a lifetime had come back for more, only 15 minutes after Scrimpshire’s shot. Once Scrimpshire determined that this was the buck he was after, he never looked at the deer’s rack again. As the rifle roared the buck was stopped dead in his tracks at a distance of 35 steps! One shot from his dad’s old Remington .270 had done the trick.

The massive eight-point buck had an incredible 29 inch spread at the widest point. The 210 pound buck’s inside spread was an equally impressive 27 1/2 inches.

As it turned out the biggest buck of Scrimpshire’s lifetime turned out to be a truly unique trophy with a spread almost second to none in this part of the world. Scrimpshire had dreamed of one day going to Texas to kill a trophy buck. As it turned out his dream of a trophy buck was realized only a few miles from home!

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