MIKE GILES: Young woman lands a couple of monster gators


Krystin Nicole Waller with one of the two gators she killed.

Krystin Waller whipped her rod and reel back and sailed a cast through the darkness toward her intended target. The lure hit the right spot and in mere seconds she was in for the fight of her life.

Kawoosh! A massive alligator exploded through the surface and wallowed wildly as Waller held on for dear life. The battle against the ultimate water borne predator raged for quite some time but the gator was ultimately no match for this young angler.

Waller is not your typical outdoors person to say the least. If you saw her dressed to a T in her finest Sunday attire, you’d never guess that this young woman was an avid angler, hunter, outdoors enthusiast and alligator hunter. Yep, she’s wrestled a few gators in her time, with a sturdy rod and reel that is.

Waller can dress up in frilly lace or camouflage, and never miss a beat as she’s equally at home in the woods and waters or in the bright lights of the city. Though she was raised in the country she didn’t have the outdoor related opportunities that many people did, but she’s making up for that now.

Waller joined Ken Martin and Matthew Bowman on a recent gator hunt on the Mississippi River near Port Gibson. Little did she know what was in store for her on that night.

In fact, the young gator hunter was looking for a trophy gator first and foremost and she wasn’t disappointed.

“I caught and released several gators on my first trip this year,” Waller said. “But none of those were as big as we wanted so we didn’t harvest one that night. On our second trip things really heated up and we had a lot of action!”

MIKE GILES: Young woman lands a couple of monster gators


Avid Gator hunter Krystin Nicole Waller harvested this monster gator while hunting with Ken Martin and Matthew Bowman. Waller killed two gators after catching them on rod and reel. The first she killed with only a sharp knife. The second monster gator was 10 feet, 2 inches long.

That could be an understatement to say the least. How many young women do you know who’ve tangled with a monster gator about twice their size and lived to tell about it?

By drawing gator tags Waller was able to kill one small gator and one adult gator.

After an epic battle the first big one Waller caught measured out at about 9 feet, 7 inches. That was a sizeable man eater for sure. But she wasn’t done yet!

“Mr., Ken asked me if I wanted to keep him,” Waller said.

She had already tagged her smaller gator, a 6-foot-2 gator that was still a handful and dangerous.

The daring young woman killed the smaller gator with only a sharp knife and quickly put him out of his misery!

“I want to put him back and go for the Big One,” Waller said. “So we put him back knowing the chance might not come again. But I was determined to battle and beat a monster gator, so I thought it was worth the risk.”

As they trolled down the bank looking for gators, they suddenly spotted movement in the darkness.

Waller suddenly spotted a set of menacing orange eyes flaming with fire as the spotlight lit him up.

“We had seen orange eyes all along the bank but when I saw this one out in the middle, I knew he was the big one,” Waller said. “But he was keeping ahead of us near the bank just out of reach. Gators tend to hide in the trees when they’re being stalked which makes it difficult to catch up to them from a boat.”

And more dangerous for the hunters as well.

“We managed to cut him off and get close enough to cast towards him,” Waller said. “I cast out and nailed him pretty quickly and the battle raged for quite a while.”

Maybe the hard part of the whole ordeal is catching the gator and wearing him down before you bring him to the boat because the law says you have to hook them first and bring them to the boat before you shoot them.

The monster gator fought wildly but he was no match for this determined gator hunter. As the gator finally wore down, Waller slowly pulled him near the boat and took aim.

Boom roared the .410 Rossi Tuffy and the gator had met his match. Waller is a Prostaff member for Gatortaker hooks and she knows a few things about finding, catching and shooting gators.

“Our night was filled with unforgettable moments, breathtaking action and adrenalin rushes that you can hardly believe,” Waller said.

Waller was up for the task and harvested the biggest gator of her life in the process.

Carpe Diem!

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