MIKE GILES: Lucy Bland harvests trophy nine-point dedicated to Lena Smith

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Lucy Bland, a 75-year-old Collinsville resident, harvested a trophy nine-point buck on Monday, Jan. 11. She dedicated her kill to her dear friend Lena Smith.


Lucy Bland knows a few things about finding and harvesting deer and is becoming quite the expert at harvesting big bucks in East Mississippi. Just a couple of years ago, she killed another nice trophy buck during her birthday week, and this year she did it again.

Not too many 75-year-old grandmothers are heading to the woods every day, but Bland is having a great time, and she’s enjoying every minute of her time outdoors. Don’t be fooled by Bland’s age — she is a deadly shot and rarely misses what she aims to kill.

“I was hunting over at Randy Munn’s hunting lease yesterday, and he put me on a good stand,” Bland said. “I got started a little later that day, but Randy said that the deer have been moving up in the day, so I went to hunt through the midday hours.”

Though Bland originally went to the deer club with her now-deceased husband, she has continued hunting at their club near Lauderdale, and she’s been quite successful there as well. However, a few years ago, she met Randy Munn and his wife, Allison, at Okatibbee Lake, and Munn invited her crappie fishing.

Randy Munn is a talented outdoorsman and special person according to many people. He’s been an expert crappie angler for quite some time, and he’s not afraid to share his knowledge, and his personality just breaks down barriers when it comes to meeting friends. Bland has become quite the crappie angler as well. During her recent hunt at Munn’s, Bland got to the stand about 10 a.m.

“I got there around mid-morning,” Bland said. “Randy was right because the deer were moving during the midday hours. I just watched deer after deer come by my stand, including does and small bucks, too.”

At 11:58, Bland looked up and spotted a nice buck crossing the shooting lane.

“He came across that lane and hesitated a second, so I put the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger,” she said.

“Ka-Boom!” her .308 rifle roared, and the trophy buck collapsed instantly, never even twitching!

“I was hunting a crossing; that buck was the 10th deer I’d seen that day,” Bland said. “I let a six-point pass and a lot of does, too.”

When it comes to hitting what she aims at, Annie Oakley has nothing on Lucy Bland. She doesn’t shoot everything that comes by, and as a result, she has been able to harvest several nice bucks over the last few years. She even has a special loader for her ATV so she can load the deer without having to have help from others who may be at work or busy.

With her latest kill, however, Randy Munn was not too far away, and he came to the scene of the kill and loaded up the deer and took a few pictures and a video.

“I wanted to dedicate this buck harvest to my dear friend Lena Smith,” Bland said. “She’s in poor health right now and hasn’t been able to communicate with me much, but I went over and visited her after the kill. I told her about the buck, and to my surprise she said, ‘That’s great,’ and she told me that she loved me!”

That was a special moment for Bland, something that meant more than anything else that could have happened that day.

Bland moved to the Collinsville area a few years ago, and she’s made a lot of new friends and has become close to Randy Munn and his wife, and they enjoy a special friendship that includes going crappie fishing together and enjoying the outdoors life. There’s nothing much better than sharing the outdoors experience with like-minded people. Bland has now set her sights on killing her next big buck and catching more crappie. She dreams big, and many dreams become a reality. You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream! If you don’t believe it, just ask Lucy Bland.

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