MIKE GILES: 6-year-old Brylee Kate Sciple harvests two 8-point bucks on Youth Weekend

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Brylee Kate Sciple killed two 8-point bucks on the opening weekend of youth season (Nov. 6-7) with her grandfather Ronald Sciple. Sciple killed this buck in Noxubee County with a Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor rifle.

Brylee Kate Sciple is only 6 years old, but she’s quite an avid deer hunter, as evidenced by the opening weekend of youth season this year.

On Nov. 6, she killed an 8-point buck and followed that up the afternoon of Nov. 7 with another 170-pound tall racked 8-point. That’s not too shabby for the Sebastopol first-grade student.

“We had some camera photos of the buck the week before,” Ronald Sciple Jr., otherwise known as Papa Doc, her grandfather. “On the opening-day hunt, we saw several deer along with some small bucks but decided to wait on the big one. After we saw a small 8-point the third time, she wanted to shoot, so we decided to try him.”

Brylee Kate’s aim was true, and her first buck of the year went down in an instant, and it was celebration time. Papa Doc and Brylee Kate were on cloud nine to say the least.

“Brylee Kate killed two bucks and a hog last year,” Sciple said. “We use an eye scope, which allows you to see the deer on your cell phone screen so I could help guide her to the proper placement, and it worked like a charm.”

The eye Scope was originally designed for disabled hunters who have limited use of their arms and hands, and it also works for young children who aren’t able to handle guns as well either. It’s a way for kids to get involved in hunting earlier, and it’s a winning combination when you’re hunting with your grandfather for sure.

The hunting buddies were at it again the afternoon of Nov. 7 in the deer stand and saw about a dozen does when a good buck came out.

“At 5:15 Sunday afternoon, a much bigger buck came out, and Brylee Kate got really excited and ready to shoot,” Sciple said. “She quickly made the shot, and the buck went down. She said her knees were knocking after she shot.”

As they walked to the buck and saw how big he was, Brylee Kate was so excited that she could hardly contain herself.

“Papa Doc, this one is going on the wall!” Brylee Kate said.

The young lady harvested the buck with a Savage Axis rifle in the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber. The use of the eye scope enabled Papa Doc to help Brylee Kate get lined up to make a killing shot. Brylee Kate has become a regular hunting partner with her grandfather and has already made several memorable hunting trips and buck harvests!

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