“If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has not pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?” 1 John 3:17


Praise belongs to God as every need since 2009 has been met. Thanks to everyone who has generously given over the years to change and enhance lives physically, financially, and spiritually. Each week I stand in awe of God as I witness God’s provision in our lives.

Today’s need concerns six circumstances. These circumstances are a compilation of people who shared with us their stories. These stories protect the confidentiality of the individuals.

The first need is a young man who has worked for the same company for more than four years. He was shocked when he was laid off a few weeks ago and has been trying to find a job to cover his expenses until he is called back to work. He moved back to Meridian to help take care of his parents. They had medical problems and needed someone to make sure they were eating properly and taking all their medications correctly. He needs assistance with his rent this month and should be back to work full time in a couple of weeks.

The second need is a mother of two young children she is rearing by herself. She has always worked and been able to pay all her own bills. She has worked for the same company for some time and is trying to go back to school this fall. She is behind on her power bill this month because of unexpected expenses for repairs to her car. We can assist her this month with her power, and next month she will be back on track with her finances.

The third need is a mother of one teenage daughter. The daughter is a severe diabetic and has been having medical problems the last few months. The mother has had to take her to the University Hospital several times. The travel expenses and overnight stays have caused her to fall behind on her bills. Assisting with her utilities will keep her power from being disconnected.

The fourth need is a lady in her late 50s. She has no transportation and therefore has to pay someone to take her everywhere or walk. She has been cleaning houses to pay her monthly bills and is careful with the use of her utilities. She does not like to ask anyone for help, but this month she is behind on the power and is afraid they will disconnect her service. If we can assist her with her power bill this month, hopefully she can catch up.

The fifth need is a mother with three teenage children. The oldest child has a job and is helping with the bills. This month the family had several extra bills that had to be paid including insurance, car tag, and medications. The mother has always tried to pay all her bills, but this month she is unable to pay them all by herself and had to ask for assistance. Assisting with her bills will help her make ends meet.

The sixth need is a lady in her early 50s. She works a full time job requiring her to travel out of Meridian. She had an accident the other night at home and had to go to the emergency room where she received a number of stitches. She will not be allowed to go back to work until the doctor releases her, and she needs some assistance with her utility bills this month. We can assist her this month with her bills as she continues to heal.

With $2,798 we can meet all these needs. Thank you for allowing God to show provision for these needs through your prayers and giving.

For your information, any story will be shared after all needs and individuals have been processed through the Wesley Clearing House. Proof of I.D., pay stubs, tax records, and a social security number for each member of the household must be provided. In addition, any child over 18 must provide income information, copies of any outgoing bills, and proof of any subsidy such as food stamps, housing allowance, etc. This extensive application process ensures the people and the situations they face are real. God is so good! Thank you for being somebody He can use. Please pray for each need and see if God gives you the means to help. If He puts it on your heart, please act on it.

Monday mornings at 7:15, we have a weekly segment on 1010 AM WMOX called Wesley 1 John 3:17. We will highlight the Today’s Need during the segment and take call ins for pledges. The phone numbers are 601-693-1010 or 601-693-1891. You can learn more about Wesley House Community Center, Inc., their five agencies, Wesley 1 John 3:17, and other Wesley events by visiting our website: www.wesleyhousemeridian.org or our Wesley Facebook page for the latest updates and information. Join our weekly email list for updates on emergency needs being met through Wesley 1 JOHN 3:17 by emailing “Add me” to trey.long@longwholesale.com. Checks should be made out to Wesley House and mailed to Wesley House Community Center, Inc., PO BOX 1207, Meridian, MS 39302. You can write on the memo line of the check Emergency Christian Relief. (ECR) Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for allowing us to serve the community through your prayers and supportive gifts and donations. All Glory belongs to God as lives are changing physically, financially and spiritually.

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