Remembering World War II in Butler

On Sept. 2, 1945, onboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, the empire of Japan surrendered to the United States and its allies ending World War II. President Truman designated that end of World War II as V-J Day.

At 6 p.m. Wednesday, the Butler American Legion Post commemorated the end of World War II with a special ceremony.

The Butler American Legion has always had a close connection with World War II. The American Legion Hall was built after the war, primarily through the efforts of World War II veterans. The two cannons in front of the Legion hall were used in World War II. Recently though the efforts of Tommy Daily, the Butler Post has worked on an extensive project to identify veterans from Choctaw County, who fought in served in the war.

Mike Armistead, Post commander, invited anyone interested to attend, particularly veterans and family members of World War II veterans. The ceremony include Mr. Dailey’s work in identifying World War II veterans, a description of the two cannons at the Legion Hall by Pete Allen, and a brief talk about World War II by Marvin Rogers, whose father, Zack Rogers, fought in the War and assisted in the constructing the Legion Hall.

World War II is the pivotal event in world history during the last hundred years. The war began in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, and Great Britain and France declared war on Nazi Germany. The Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy conquered most of Europe, parts of North Africa, and much of China and the Pacific rim. On Dec. 7, 1941, Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. America and her Allies, primarily Great Britain and other European countries, Russia, Nationalist China, and the Free French, fought and ultimately defeated the enemy.

Millions of Americans fought in the War, and hundreds from Choctaw County. Many families have loved ones who served in the military, supported the war effort, or made the ultimate sacrifice for America.

Let us not forget the end of World War II!

Marvin Rogers


Need to wear masks continues

I have seen more people waring masks lately on my outings, but I have also seen some people still not wearing them. They aren't getting the serious threat we are still facing from such an infectious virus.

They need to heed the warnings like the rest of us.

I get that the masks aren't all that comfortable, especially in the summer heat, but it is better to be a little uncomfortable than to be hooked up to a breathing machine only to end up dying.

None of us knows who has the virus and who doesn't. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Because wearing a mask along with doing everything the medical experts are telling us to do to keep from the getting the virus does work, it is up to us to prevent the spread of the virus.

Not everyone was listening to the warnings. Now it has gotten worse than it would have been if everyone was willing to do what they needed to stay safe. It is shocking to find out how selfish some people are, and how ill informed a lot of people are.

Roger Burt


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