There are 100,000 reasons why David Little should not remain the Superintendent of the Lauderdale County Schools. Let’s examine some of the reasons.

David Little must go! Superintendent David Little did not renew Joey Knight’s contract on the pretenses of low test scores. Another principal was forcibly removed from his job, even though his school was a level four and had high test scores. Let’s wait and see if Southeast Elementary scores improve this year. These facts lead one to believe that David Little’s non-renewal of Mr. Knight’s contract was indeed personal and not professional.

Joey Knight contended all along that Mr. Little’s actions were simply because he opposed him in the Superintendent’s race, so he filed a lawsuit against Mr. Little. After days of hearing testimony concerning the facts, legal counsel for the Lauderdale County School recommended that the school district contribute $100,000 for the settlement to Joey Knight. This $100,000 should have been used directly for the students and came from the taxpayers of Lauderdale County. This does not include the amount paid to Mr. Knight by the Lauderdale County School District’s insurance company. It is unknown how much it cost the district with this amount combined with attorney’s fees. The taxpayers cannot afford to pay for Mr. Little’s personal choices against employees.

Since Mr. Little has been in office, his recruitment and hiring practices of qualified minority teachers and administrators have been unfair and have caused unequal representation in the county schools. This means that not only has he caused Lauderdale County Schools good teachers and leaders, he has now cost LCSD over $100,000 in cash simply because he refuses to consider fair and equal representation.

During the same week that Mr. Little was in court trying to defend his personal vendetta against Mr. Knight (with the taxpayers’ money), a group of concerned citizens and parents met with him to discuss some concerns about fair and equal representation in the LCSD. He led them to believe that he heard our comments and would make every attempt to improve the situation.

However, approximately one month later the process for hiring a new principal at Southeast High School began. The assistant superintendent set up an interview committee. Among the applicants was an experienced highly qualified minority with outstanding credentials and steps away from a Ph.D. degree. This applicant was not selected.

The concerned citizens requested and met with Mr. Little again to discuss his selection. The group was absolutely appalled and disappointed with his selection. Mr. Little himself stated that the minority applicant was more than qualified and highly intelligent. He stated that he was overly impressed with her. He went on to say he could see her becoming superintendent in the future. Mr. Little stated to the group that his only reason for not hiring her was that her present salary was $89,000. He told the group that since the LCSD pay was much less, the applicant in his opinion would not stay. He also stated that she was never given the opportunity to consider the salary.

This group contacted this highly experienced and qualified applicant. She informed the group that she does not earn $89,000. Also she was fully aware of the salary in the LCSD, and that the salary was negotiable. She stated that she was aware of the location of the school and would have enjoyed moving to the area. Although she applied for the head principal’s position, she was not offered that position, instead Mr. Little asked her if she would be interested in an assistant principal’s position.

Even though David Little met with the concerned citizens and gave them his word that he would work to improve the situation of unequal representation in the LCSD. When the opportunity presented itself, he only proved that he was not a man of his word.

Instead of hiring the best qualified person for the position for the principal at Southeast High School, he hired someone based on personal relationships and the “good ole boy” system again. Mr. Little’s words and action reflect dishonest and unfair behavior, the Lauderdale County School District is in a minor state of emergency. Therefore on Aug. 6, 2007, it is crucial that the citizens of Lauderdale County go to the polls and make a change.

Carolyn Brantley

Concerned Citizens

Lauderdale County

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