In regards to the letter “If safety is the objective, outlaw motorcycles” (Thursday, April 6), what we should do is educate the public!

The person was correct on one statement: How can we protect ourselves against a careless driver? Well, for starters, hang up your cell phone and drive. The cage drivers have so many distractions. I don’t understand how they operate the vehicle to begin with. Maybe a good driver’s-education class might help.

We as motorcyclists have been asking the state of Mississippi to help provide the bikers with affordable safety training; maybe the cage drivers should band together with the bikers and call your representatives and senators and ask why the bills pertaining to these very issues are not passed. The federal government even has a bill that will provide funding for our state to have a Safety Riders Training Program. Maybe if it included cage drivers, the legislation might get passed.

We need to have laws passed on yielding right of way and have greater penalties for breaking this law. Help us educate the public to be aware of the motorcyclist; we have just as much right as the cage driver to be on the highways of our state.

One last comment: I have been riding for more than 25 years. I have seen a lot and learned a lot. I ride for enjoyment, and to and from work. The motorcycle is a very economical means of transportation. I for one pick my motorcycle. I choose to ride two wheels, always.

Paul Rutledge

State Director

ABATE of Mississippi

American Bikers Active Towards Education


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