Battling cancer…from 

the other side


We are battling cancer from the other side.  We are not patients. We are your cancer care providers at Anderson Regional Cancer Center.  Some might say we don’t understand what people with cancer are going through.  While that may be true for the majority of us, some of us have walked in those shoes! 

We’ve never felt the cold hard table that you lay on to receive your radiation treatment, the side effects of radiation, or the uncomfortable devices to hold you still for your treatments, nor felt the frustration of being a pin cushion for the repeated needle sticks to either get blood or find a route for the chemo drugs to be administered, or the long duration receiving the chemo nor felt the side effects of chemotherapy.

BUT ….. we know Mary who’s battling terminal cancer, she fights everyday to be able to see her daughter graduate from high school and her son receive his bachelor degree from Mississippi State this May.  All of her family is coming to town for a big celebration. She wants to see her children get married and hug on grandchildren, someday.

We also know Sarah who is receiving radiation and caring for her elderly mother and sister.  She has no time to be sick or feel bad due to her caregiver responsibilities.  Sarah is exhausted but always has a smile on her face and never complains.  

We understand Bill’s need to come for his treatment after work so he doesn’t lose his job.

We know that young family trying to make a special holiday which will be the last one together as a family with Dad.  Knowing and feeling their needs must be met led to the creation of a purposeful fund which has grown and become known as the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund, helping with needs/medications insurance does not.

There’s lots of talk about football, hunting, fishing stories, gardening, planting whatever, or swapping recipes.  Sometimes we’re like family or sometimes just that ear or shoulder needed. Traditions are created and bonds are made.  We celebrate tumor markers declining, blood counts rising, tumor shrinkage and often times complete remission. There’s even a tradition that on the last day of treatment, our patients ring a bell and everyone applauds this milestone. We pray for you and share your pain of more treatments added, progression of tumors and disease complications, and the decision to go on hospice.

We may not have cancer but we see its effects every day. We may not have cancer but we aren’t immune to the havoc it creates. Some days the emotional burden can be heavy. We feel guilty for getting emotionally fatigued because we aren’t the one with cancer. We come to work and administer the treatment, caring for you with hope for a cure!  We will do the same tomorrow and the day after. And the week after that; and the month after that. We hope we all are making a difference. We hope that when you see us, you know that we are fighting for you from the other side!


Thankful to Habitat 

For Humanity contest


A short time ago I became the winner of Habit For Humanity’s “A Brush With Kindness and Critical Home Repair” contest. This was a national program serving low income home owners who struggle to maintain their home. By using both volunteers and donated materials a lot of the necessary work was accomplished. My wife and I would like to thank and give due recognition to the businesses and volunteers who participated in this, especially to Fonda Rush, Executive Director for Habitat For Humanity Lauderdale County, and to Rolland Stewart, Forman for the work done at this project. This is a list of companies that provided materials and a list of others who provided volunteers:

MS Power Company, The Service Company, Rent-A-Husband, Knight’s Country Market, Patrick Allen Company, Woodstock Value Center, RDT Metal, Speciality Fencing, Butler’s Pest Control, Asplundh Tree Expert Company, WGBC TV employees and Companies that Care, T&D Furniture, Serve Pro

Volunteers: Central Methodist Church, Naval Air Station Meridian, WGBC TV employees


Once again, our most grateful thanks,

Tom and Doris Galbraith



Show respect for Star Spangeled Banner


I attended the fish fry at the Frank Cochran Center and it was a great event for all who attended. The food was very good and Judge Young did a wonderful job of singing the national anthem; however, it upset me to see so many of the attendees failing to show respect for our Star Spangled Banner by not holding their right hand over their heart. 


Jim Knowles 



Appreciated Memorial Day in Meridian


I wish to commend Susan Sylvester and the veteran organizations for another outstanding and memorable program at the county courthouse this past Memorial Day. It was an honor to have the opportunity to pay tribute to the fallen heroes who make the ultimate sacrifice in giving their lives for our great country.

Hank Florey


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