OUR VIEW: Preparing a voters' guide; candidates, we need your help

The lawn signs sprouted long before the first day of spring, a harbinger of a busy election season ahead.

In Lauderdale County alone, 32 candidates filed their paperwork to run for 19 different positions. Similar races are underway in neighboring Clarke, Newton, Neshoba and Kemper counties. In addition, Mississippi voters will be casting ballots in statewide races, such as governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and others.

That amounts to scores of candidates for voters to research before making their decisions in advance of the first round of voting – party primaries on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

To help voters, we plan to publish a voters’ guide in our weekend edition of July 27-28.

Candidates, we need your help to tell your story. Please take a little time to provide us with this information at your earliest convenience:


City, community or county of residence:

Party affiliation:

Office sought:


Work experience:

Public offices held and years:

Why are you running? (around 25 words)

Why are you a good candidate for this office? (around 75 words)

How can voters reach you? (This is information you would release for publication, such as your website, email, phone number.)

In addition, we will publish a head and shoulders photo of you that you may submit or you can make an appointment to have it taken at our office.

We prefer this information and photo be sent by email to editor@themeridianstar.com. If that’s not possible, you may mail it to Editor, The Meridian Star, P.O. Box 1591, Meridian, 39302.

Although voting is months away, we ask that you please submit your information as soon as possible. The size of this publication requires much of the production to be done in advance.

Thank you for your time, your willingness to serve and inform the public.

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