Tuxedo Neighborhood Watch strives for safer streets in Meridian

Bill Graham / The Meridian Star

Meridian Police Department Lt. Rita Jack, left, speaks with Michael Colburn, block captain of the Tuxedo Neighborhood Watch, Ward 5 Councilman Weston Lindemann and Angela Colburn, co-captain of the watch, during a meeting on Saturday. 

A CROWN FOR THE TUXEDO Neighborhood Watch program, which as reported this week has led to a significant decrease in crime in that part of Meridian.

Police Lt. Rita Jack credits a partnership between community residents and the Meridian Police Department for the reduction in problems.

“People have a stigma about getting involved. They think that being part of a neighborhood watch they’ll be targeted, but it’s not true. If you don’t get involved you will be a target,” Tuxedo Neighborhood Watch block captain Michael Colburn told correspondent Thomas King.

We agree. As we’ve noted before, crime thrives in darkness. The more people become involved in their neighborhoods, work and play in their yards, sit on a front porch swing or keep an eye out for each other, community spirit will win out.

The same is true in commercial and playground areas. Eat downtown, shop at the mall, play in the parks and you will make those areas safe by your presence.

A CROWN TO THE WEIR GROUP for its $15 million investment in the ESCO plant in Newton. The company, which manufactures tools for mining and infrastructure projects, plans to add 150 jobs at the plant, according to the Mississippi Development Authority. Expansion of an existing business is welcome news for East Mississippi.

A CROWN TO THE SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY students who spent their spring break building Habitat for Humanity homes in Mississippi, including one in Meridian. Young adults sometimes receive criticism for being self-absorbed, but we’ve seen much more evidence of the opposite as they care for others and the world around them – near and far.

A FROWN FOR GOV. PHIL BRYANT for politicizing the naming of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers’ home as a national monument. Does everything have to be framed in political terms? We’re sick of politicians, Republicans and Democrats, and their rabid fans, using every opportunity to further division. What’s next? Will the Republicans take credit for the sun rising in the East and the Democrats for the sun setting in the West? Stop already!

A CROWN FOR U.S. SEN. ROGER WICKER who voted to overturn President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency along the border with Mexico. We agree with the senator’s reasoning for the need to preserve the checks and balances established by our country’s founders. No president, Republican or Democrat, should demand or expect lockstep loyalty.

A CROWN TO THE NEWTON girls basketball team, which last Friday won its first state championship since 2010 and gave coach Perry Fletcher his first state title. Congratulations!

A CROWN TO THE MERIDIAN Wildcats boys basketball team for its runner-up finish in the Class 6A championship. The sting of last Saturday’s loss to Starkville in the final may hurt for a while, but a 26-5 season and an appearance in the championship game is reason for pride.

A FROWN FOR THAT YELLOW DUST we find on our cars and every outdoor surface these days. We love those blooming flowers and trees, but this pollen brings tears to our eyes.

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