Jordan Kemble

Jordan Kemble

A CROWN JORDAN KEMBLE, a Clarkdale High School sophomore, for his commitment to his duties as football team manager despite his own fight with a malignant brain tumor.

Kemble, 15, remains on the sidelines at games and practices, providing encouragement and inspiration to his teammates and showing more concern for them than himself.

As head coach Jason Soules told sports writer Elton Hayes this week: “He is just a ray of positivity every time you see him. He makes our players feel good about themselves, and he’s just an amazing kid. Everything he does personifies what you want out of somebody. You think about the way things should be, and the best things in life, and he’s that. Our kids love him to death.”

Crowns, too, to the Clarkdale football team and the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the support they return to Kemble and for granting his wish of a trip to Walt Disney World.

Teenagers sometimes take a bad rap for the misdeeds of a small percentage who forget their manners, bully or worse, break the law, but we’ve found that the vast majority of high school students are caring, thoughtful achievers.

We’re happy to recognize Kemble and his teammates for their goodness and positive example they provide.

A CROWN FOR THE PROSPECT OF NEW SIDEWALKS in the Oakland Heights neighborhood of Meridian.

Whitney Downard reported that a public forum about the project is scheduled from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11 at Oakland Heights Elementary School auditorium, 601 59th Ave., Meridian.

The need is evident as people in motorized wheelchairs and pedestrians share Old Highway 80 with cars and trucks. The beaten path on the side of the road also testifies to the need.

Residents have been asking for a sidewalk for many years. We hope this time they will get it.

A FROWN FOR MERIDIAN’S WALKABILITY. Speaking of sidewalks … if you walk, run or ride a bike around Meridian or Lauderdale County you know your life is in your own hands.

While downtown has sidewalks, many crossing lights have been out of commission for months and sidewalks are inconsistent at best beyond downtown. It’s not uncommon to see people walking on busy streets and highways.

Meanwhile motorists fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks and slam the accelerator to the floor when lights turn green.

Those crossing lights need repair and the city and county would be wise to consider bike lanes and other strategies to make walking and riding safer.

A CROWN TO READERS. More than one hundred volunteers visited Meridian’s elementary schools Friday to read to students.

The Meridian Public School District and The Meridian Star sponsored the reading effort in recognition of International Literacy Day.

The message was the importance of reading, words and the doors they open no matter their future academic, career or recreational choices.

Thank you to the schools and teachers for allowing the volunteer readers to visit.

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