Meridianites return home for convention, picnic Frank Berry Courts reunion set for June 30

Paula Merritt / The Meridian Star

Gilda Williams, left, Mark Scott and Jeanette Atterberry are looking forward to the Frank Berry Courts reunion planned for June 30.

CROWNS TO MERIDIANITES who return to Meridian this week for the 53rd annual National Council of Meridianites Convention and Picnic, to those who never left the city and to the Frank Berry Courts residents who will piggy-back on that picnic with their own reunion on Sunday.

The Meridian Star’s Bianca Moorman reported last week on a sense by some that a community spirit had been lost, as they recounted good memories of people and events of the past.

Those people and times may be gone but we hope they are brought back to life at the picnic, gala and reunion this weekend as memories are shared through many conversations.

We hope that the promise of the future is recognized, too, when visitors see venues such as the Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience, progress being made on the Threefoot Building and the promise of the Mississippi Children’s Museum Meridian to be built on 22nd Avenue.

The visitors and those who never left should also take time to look at the faces around them and celebrate the accomplishments they’ve achieved in their lifetimes.


The city of Meridian has been hearing about the problems with the air conditioning at the Frank Cochran Center for more than a year.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, city Public Safety Director Doug Stephens said earlier this month.

Lauderdale County District 4 Election Commissioner Gloria Dancy raised concerns to the  Board of Supervisors, noting poll workers could face long hours there during primary elections Aug. 6.

We see a more urgent need with the Meridianite Picnic event this weekend.

Here’s hoping for the air conditioners are in “on again” mode and the city finds the money to repair them quickly.

CROWNS TO THE STATE GAMES of Mississippi organizers, athletes and visitors, who have been filling Meridian and Lauderdale County athletic venues, hotels, restaurants and stores since Memorial Day weekend.

We welcome these thousands of visitors and hope the hospitality they received while they were here encourages them to return and to tout East Mississippi to their friends and family members.

A CROWN TO OUR OWN PAULA MERRITT, who has spent hours documenting State Games events with her photos.

CROWNS FOR THE MANY opportunities provided to our young people while schools are on break this summer. Meridian Community College’s College for Kids, East Central Community College’s Gen Cyber Camps for Girls, the Meridian Museum of Art creativity programs and daily events at the Meridian Lauderdale County Public Library are just a small number of examples that demonstrate learning doesn’t have to stop when the final school bell rings in May.

A CROWN TO ALDERSGATE Community Director of Marketing and Public Relations Marsha Hannah, who called to encourage area residents and businesses to fly the American flag on the Fourth of July.

The many veterans living in the Aldersgate community reminded her of earlier times when the flag was flown from front porches almost daily, not just on holidays.

We endorse her idea.

When you’re out shopping for hot dogs, beverages and firecrackers this weekend, consider purchasing a flag if you don’t already own one, and display it next Thursday as you celebrate the Fourth.

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