Some have questioned whether "Haley's boys" (the GOP hopefuls for

statewide offices) can sweep Tuesday's election. They might, but

voter turnout could be their biggest obstacle. Incumbent Gov. Haley

Barbour is expected to breeze past Democratic challenger John Arthur

Eaves, a candidate who has been the punchline of jokes even in some

Democratic circles.

Regardless of Eaves' inadequacies, Barbour is the obvious choice. He

has the best balance of common sense and strong leadership to

continue to move this state forward. His commitment to jobs is

unmatched. Barbour's leadership is needed to help this state ? East

Mississippi in particular ? recruit the type of high-paying jobs the

hard-working people of this area deserve.

In the race for Lt. Governor, Republican Phil Bryant beats out Jamie

Franks as our choice to lead the state as the president of the

Senate. Bryant has forged the type of relationships needed to work

with legislators on such hot-button issues as education and taxes.

While Franks has legislative experience, he lacks the consensus-

building approach needed to help keep legislators on track. That's

why voters should choose Phil Bryant as the state's next Lt. Governor.

In the race of secretary of state, Rob Smith, a Democrat who

epitomizes public service and is arguably one of the hardest working

lawmakers in the state, is the best choice to replace Eric Clark.

Smith jumped into this race without much money. And he's had to

compete with an oppenent, Delbert Hosemann, who aside from being

qualified, had one of the best television campaign ads the state has

ever seen ... "It's Delbert, ma'am." Still, Smith is a passionate

public servant who deserves a shot at leading this important office.

He also has the knowledge and background needed to be a success.

The Republicans offered a good opponent in the race for the state's

Attorney General, but at the end of the day Jim Hood, a Democrat, is

the best choice to continue to lead that office. He is a bulldog who

offers an unparalleled background and a wealth of knowledge to the

office. He made the transition from Mike Moore a seamless one four

years ago. And he's our choice to continue in that role.

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