Mississippi’s favorite scourge looks to afflict politics again this year.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the City of Jackson vs. State of Mississippi disputes over water and crime in the capital city. One masquerades apparent ineffectiveness as racism while the other masquerades ostensible racism as problem-solving. It began with the mayor vs. the governor. It continues with black legislators vs. white legislators. No doubt it will find its way into courtrooms, as so many political rows do these days. The uprising hot air has reignited negative perspectives of Mississippi tamped down by the historic state flag concordance.

Less obvious will be the role of race in statewide elections. Candidates will likely obfuscate with code words and slogans that appeal to race-oriented groups. In the two major races, governor and lieutenant governor, supporters will be the more obvious advocates.

First up is the Republican Primary for lieutenant governor. Consider these two supporters of state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

Writing on the white nationalist favored “Identity Dixie” web site, Joe Wasp praised McDaniel for taking on the good old boy system (GOBS) in Mississippi. “Despite its power, the GOBS has yet to wholly eradicate the rightwinger from its political ranks; it can only neuter their power and influence. One such rightwing state senator is Chris McDaniel.” He likened McDaniel to others “who love Dixie,” naming “Corey Stewart of Virginia, Marjorie Greene of Georgia, numerous legislators in Texas, as well as the Texas Nationalist Movement, and Ron DeSantis of Florida.” He cited McDaniel’s rhetoric as “legendary and should please anyone who actually cares about and loves the Magnolia State.”

Ryan S. Walters, author of Remember Mississippi: How Chris McDaniel Exposed the GOP Establishment and Inspired a Revolution, is a native of Jones County now living in Texas. He deems himself as an independent historian and preaches a brand of history reminiscent of a 1950s Mississippi history class. A defender of the “War for Southern Independence” and, like McDaniel, an ardent opponent of changing the state flag, Walters sees himself and those like McDaniel as “true Sons of the South.”

Walters recently wrote a column appearing in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that championed McDaniel and slammed Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann. “As ‘woke’ culture continues to dominate our institutions of higher learning, Chris McDaniel has vowed to end it; Delbert Hosemann has not,” wrote Walters. “And he will not. Just like he did not stand up for the right of Mississippi voters to choose a new state flag.”

Next up, the governor’s race culminating in the November general election.

PS – Walters also criticized columnist Sid Salter as one who “carries the hose for Hosemann.” One can only wonder what Walters carries for McDaniel.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


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