Our president is acting inappropriately by his practices and proposals.

About the wall that he so badly wanted to build to stop people from coming to America: during his campaigning, he said several times that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Whatever happened with that? Was he lying all along? Did he know that Mexico wasn’t going to pay for this wall at all? If he is a billionaire, why won’t he pay for the wall?

And what about the more the 800,000 people working without pay while the government was shut down? He was treating them like slaves. Although he says he is serving as president for without pay, we all know somewhere behind all of this he is getting paid.

We learned that he possibly had help from a foreign country to get elected in 2016. That is against the American government and the Constitution. 

He is sending mixed messages concerning several matters: war in the Middle East, Israeli relations, Russia, China, North Korea, immigration. Our country has enough problems than for him to be a problem. He should be a problem solver and not a part of the problem.

We’ve learned that President Trump has carried on investigations of various people. One in particular, the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden, I believe was a mean plan to help himself gain traction and votes for the 2020 presidential election.

Why don’t people running for public office just focus on the community to see what they may be able to do to help better things rather than tearing down the lives and character of other people? I believe it shows a lack of character in the person and clearly shows miss-guided focus. President Trump has repeatedly overstepped his authority. He has abused his power and authority. No one is above the law, not even our president.

A few months ago, First Lady Melania Trump was saying that a child should have privacy and not be in a political battle. I agree, but what about the 800,000 plus Hispanic children that were abruptly separated from their parents during these immigration raids held last year? Children sleeping on cement floors and caged like cattle received little or no concern from Mrs. Trump. 

Finally, President Trump has let all of us down and all the morals of the United States government have sunk to a new low. You don’t do that kind of stuff, dirty stuff to your own people to your own house, to your own country. He has fired ambassadors and cabinet secretaries and thrown many aides under the bus and bullied countless others.

The Republicans are saying he’s done nothing wrong. That makes many of them just as wrong as our president. The impeachment process may or may not accomplish much, but this president has definitely taken the cake south.

Yes, there have been others that were bad, too, but there has to be a person coming that’s better than what we have now. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, independent or otherwise, America, let's go vote for a candidate this year that will hopefully not give us more of the same.

Earthie Young is a resident of Meridian.



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