Last week was sort of crazy. I mean I knew the bug man was scheduled for Tuesday but I thought I had everything ready for him. However obviously, I was wrong.

You see he was a tiny bit early and when the little truck with a big bug on top wheeled into my drive, our watchdogs went berserk but after all, really, they were only doing their job.

In their minds, KayKay and Cash, with a total weight of sixteen pounds between them, can chew up the world and spit it out, and on this day, their world was the bug man.

I really missed up. Usually I have KayKay in her upstairs kennel and Cash in his downstairs one but there again, the little truck was early and I wasn't prepared.

On his service days, he always has a treat for my two little Morkies but I told him not to waste his time or money. Once an enemy, always an enemy is their motto and so innocently the nice man knocked on the front door and all pandemonium broke loose.

Reminds me of a doormat inscribed, “No need to knock, we know you're here.”

Well, I knew he was here. And before I could outrun the sixteen pounds of terror, Mr Bug man had entered a sanctuary of madness.

Today it is all a blur but I vaguely remember I tried to grab a leash and head off the worse of the two, (six pound, Cash), but missed. But I was able to open the downstairs door and Kay Kay ran down. I am certain she thought I was going with her but I didn't.

I still had a problem.

I managed to open the front door and yell, “Potty, Cash,” but he didn't fall for it.

At the same time, I squealed for bug man to stand still and he stood frozen there with spray can in hand. I am sure it was quit a show.

Where is Hubs when I need him?

So by then KayKay was at the top of the stairs howling. She thinks she's a hound dog and Cash stood in the foyer showing all of his teeth with an unbelievable growl for six pounds.

Think, think, think, what to do next? I admit that I was out of answers.

The bug man, being the nice guy that he is said, “Oh, they'll be all right.”

But I knew better. I mean the two are muzzled even when visiting the vet.

But here we were right smack-dab in the middle of a ten pound howler and six pound growler.

Well, we couldn't go downstairs and we couldn't go out the front door. I had to come up with something quick.

That's when I remembered an incident at Meridian High School, back in the 60s.

It was library time and a few of the senior boys thought it would be fun to cutoff the lights. Snip by snip, they pulled the chains as poor, little Miss Byrd desperately tried to cut the lights back on.

Yes, I needed a diversion.

Quickly I cut the light switch off and on and then deftly opened the front door and slammed it with a loud bang. The pups were caught off guard and I must say the bug man was as well.

But all ended well, I think. I got the sixteen pounds of dogs calhoosed in the downstairs kennels and bug man completed his job without injury.

And again, Mr. bug man, I sooo apologize. Please, please, please come back next month.

Anne McKee is a proud native Meridianite and Mississippi historian. She is the author of “Remembering Mississippi” and “Historic Photos of Mississippi.” Anne is primarily known as a Mississippi Storyteller and as well the Director of Rose Hill Cemetery Costumed Tour. See her website:

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