I don’t know about you, but this week I’ve seen some ugly women on the political trail and many more on Capitol Hill all through the magic of television – reminds me of a sign in front of a hair salon: “If we can’t fix you up, you ugly.”

Well, they were ugly alright.

I mean I was just walking through the TV room (Hubs was asleep in the recliner) and the picture on the screen drew me in like a cyclone.

There was this ole gal testifying who was a perfect candidate for a “Make-over of the Century.” Sort of scary it was.

I thought I had seen plenty of terrible hair-dos but this one, well (shiver) not even a mama could love. And she was a great example of being short and stout, but she certainly wasn't a teapot. I noticed the name tag and she was a “Ms.” Uh-huh.

Oh my, I am being brutal, but honest. I’m thinking of all of the great ways to pep-up her looks.

Like brushing her hair, working on those busy eyebrows, applying foundation makeup and maybe lip gloss. I’m sorry I can’t remember a word she said. I was so in shock.

Maybe she was brilliant and I missed it?

Then I turned my attention to the female elected official asking the questions. Eeeeek!

One thing for sure, neither one arrived to their position by using their looks.

Then I thought about not-so-cute women in the political world from bygone days: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, Lady Bird Johnson and a few more recent ones. Oh yes, to even it out and make it easier on the eyes, there was Jackie Kennedy and today probably the most beautiful and classy of them all, Melanie Trump.

Perhaps the countenances of those from this week were too overly-zealous making their points or trying to build spectacular careers to give a rip about their looks.

We Mississippi girls know that calm, cool and collected is the only way to display our marvelous skin and glowing eyes and don’t forget our dimpled smiles.

Come to think of it, this week there wasn’t a single Mississippian at the witness table or amongst the elected officials demanding answers. Yes! I have ascertained the problem.

But still, we Mississippians can’t be everywhere, all-of-the-time. Sigh.

These political hob-nobbers of the female variety must have an assistant or secretary or staff who can advise them about such things as foo-fooing their hair, applying makeup or for Pete’s sake, coordinating a nice outfit. I never got a look at the shoes. I was overwhelmed with all of the other, couldn’t take any more.

I had almost caught my breath when I saw the national news and a female presidential candidate skipped across the stage. You know the one – skinny with very short hair. Geez – I don’t think I could take her for four years. She makes Hillary look almost pretty.

Oh, I know. Looks isn’t everything, someone stupid once said. But I must add this little news-flash. No one will ever get a foot through the door, especially women, without a little foo-foo and a well-used hair brush. You know make the best of what you have.

Political ladies, did you hear me? Cut back on your highbrow words and apply lip gloss.

So it’s been a rough week, but I have hope. I read that the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is coming up and those cuties know how to strut across the stage without saying a word.

I say, Hey Political Ladies – take note.

Anne B. McKee is a Mississippi historian, writer and storyteller. She is listed on the Mississippi Humanities Speakers Bureau and Mississippi Arts Commission’s Performing Artist and Teaching Artist Rosters. See her web site: www.annemckeestoryteller.com

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