It could have been a lovely postcard, the home of my good friend, who lives in Philadelphia. The beautiful antebellum style home gleamed with piles and piles of snow. 

Yes, snow !

Then I remembered. Mississippi, a place where it never snows, had had a snow storm on Monday. Well, it was a storm in Mississippi terms.

Jeanette Mars, my friend of many years, should have been a professional photographer, such were the “snow shots” she shared of her home.

Snow in Mississippi is a bit like a sandy seashore in Nebraska, a rare, near non-existent thing. And we folks down here are more than excited.

But can I share a secret? Don’t tell anyone, please. I am not a fan. Don’t hate me, but the stuff is pretty as it floats from the sky at first, but, but, but what a mess when the temps rise to an acceptable (in Mississippi in January) 40 degrees, thereabouts.

Slush, yes, dirty slush is the next phase along with a six foot long area on my front porch which will not thaw. It seems that spot of almost snow, almost slush is around too long. Not to complain ...

McKee Ranch is one of thousands of Mississippi households who during a snow or “maybe snow” forecast will have the TV steadily tuned into the Weather Channel, 24/7.

And the McKee SUV (and even the McKee hauling truck) will sit, gassed and ready for heavy shopping and if necessary, heavy lifting.

Our Winn Dixie, Walmart and Lowe’s shopping lists, already long and detailed, will have daily additions as snow lingers nearby. Oh, dither, dither!

Important stuff, like extra gallons of milk and bottles of vanilla for snow cream. Piles and piles of bread (not sure why) but seems really important. Stacks of wood for fireplace (again not sure because here at McKee Ranch we have gas logs) and of course new generator in case the heaviness of the “maybe” snow storm outs EMEPA.

Next deep in the downstairs closet is McKee snow storm attire. Fleece, double and triple lined stuff with hoods, long gloves and high boots. Things put out of sight in July and the sultry temps of summer but oh so welcome when the Weather Channel has announced the S word.

So yes, it snowed this week in Mississippi. Schools delayed opening time on Monday, kids built snowmen, puppies like my KayKay had wet feet and fear in big brown eyes as she gazed upon what used to be her walking path and it was now covered with white stuff. And KayKay, a white pup, was really unsettled because she seemed to fade into the landscape.

But I (her Memaw) never lifted my eyes from her as we sloshed along. It was a good walk, made for good conversation as we ate our snow cream and gazed upon the Weather Channel, one more time.

Here it is Thursday and Monday’s snow storm is just a memory, until next time.

Today I will laundry the “snow clothes,” clean boots, freeze most of the milk, click TV back to regular programming, reorder gas for logs and pay the power bill.

And I will continue to enjoy Jeanette’s photos of snow in Neshoba County.

Yes, all has returned to normal at McKee Ranch, maybe even dull, but wait a minute, wait a minute, did I just hear — a cold front headed to East Central Mississippi? Maybe it will snow!


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