Yep, it's that time of year, an awesome time.

When you opened your peepers this morning did you see something long lost? That's right, it is called the Sun, our Sun, Earth's Sun and Yippee, it is out and bright this week. Makes everything else super great.

Take fall for instance. There is no humdrum like a hot, humid fall. Nope. I mean how can one enjoy a football game when wearing Bermuda shorts or peddle-pushers, for gosh-sakes?

I remember many times waiting, waiting, waiting for the first Meridian High football game. I had my dyed to match skirt and sweater all ready. But the weather did not cooperate. It was hot, ugh, but without hesitation, I skipped forward in that scratchy, wool ensemble, glistening.

But if I had a football game tonight, I would be on point. Sunny, high 72, low 52. Now that's fall.

However these days I tend to watch the game (all games) via Vizio, however the game is always better when fall breezes and bright sunshine prevails.

Fall brings more than football, really. Yes, some may question that statement, but there are other things. For example: rocking on the porch, riding with the windows down, walking the pup longer than ½ block, maybe even an entire block.

Yeah, fall does that to you.

And the ever popular mountain vacation. Hubs and I, plus our son and his sweet friend, plan a getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains in November. I have traversed the Smokies since I was a kid, never get tired of the place, always anxious to go one-more-time and then again, and again.

A little less popular is the fact that fall is cleanup time, fix up time. Clean the gutters, sweep out the garage, organize the catch-all closet and plan a yard sale and maybe even slap on a new coat of paint. Everything is better with fresh paint.

This year we decided to have our bathtub stripped and refinished. Thanks to Wanda Russell for a beautiful job. My bubble baths are now right up there with the Beau Rivage spa. Don't forget the candles.

But what about the gypsy queen? Why is she important during the fall?

I am so happy you asked.

You see the last Saturday in September is always the Rose Hill Cemetery Costumed Tour. This year is September 25, 7-9 pm. And the star of the tour has always been the gypsy queen, no doubt.

Now fourteen additional stories are included with the tour, but ah, the gypsy queen, the mystic, her sad story, the love of her people and continued interest with her life, yes, she is the draw.

If you have never heard the gypsy story, then by all means come out on Saturday, 7-9 pm, to 631 40th Avenue (across from Calvary Bapt Church on Eighth Street) and enjoy the full experience. I must warn perhaps you arrive to enjoy a Romani story but as well you will be overwhelmed, mightily, by the additional fourteen stories.

The stories are tales (true and documented) of people who lived from the mid-1850s to the mid-1960s and they were not dull. No! Rather shocking I would say.

Come early, a large crowd is expected, perhaps over 1,000 people. The last tour in 2019 saw 900 plus. The tour is free and offered as a community service for history loving people.

And did I mention drama? Teaching though the arts will knock your socks off, so bring an extra pair.

Parking at Calvary Baptist Church for small fee to fund church activities. Also the church will have grilled hamburgers: (Burger, chips and drink for $4.) Rose Hill Company is thrilled to benefit the church. The annual tour would not be possible without partnering with Calvary Baptist Church.

So come Saturday, Rose Hill Company will offer dinner and a show. Don't miss it.

Anne McKee is a proud, native Meridianite and Mississippi historian. She is the author of “Remembering Mississippi” and “Historic Photos of Mississippi.” Anne is primarily known as a Mississippi Storyteller and as well the Director of Rose Hill Cemetery Costumed Tour. See her website:

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