As sure as April 4, 2021, will be Easter Sunday, then the annual cold spell will occur a few days prior.

Never fails, the Easter cold spell is as punctual as baked ham and potato salad, oh and deviled eggs, are when piled high on grandma's china.

Then why are we always surprised?

I can remember shivering, when a kid, (and adult) in many of my Easter ensembles designed for warmer, spring-type weather, but yet, I would never add a sweater or jacket in fear of destroying the Easter Sunday effect.

I mean how would a dull brown sweater look perched upon my bright yellow frock with black patent-leather shoes? I don't think so.

And of course, upon arriving to the church, we die-hard “gotta look springy” girls raced to the thermostat only to find the heat was now off for the warmer months. However we looked good, only freezing.

So yes, the Easter cold spell is nothing new. Now the weather folks term it a cold front, after lulling us into a summer kind of mood. You know when the temps hit 75 in February, then we think it's all over, i.e.,the cold stuff. But “Ha” three or four days before Easter Sunday, well you know.

If anyone should ever doubt it, there's always The Old Farmer's Almanac. Yep, here it is, “April and May will be cooler than normal.”Although the words Easter cold spell are omitted, we know, yeah, we know.

Now my Pawpaw Harrison from Newton County didn't need the weather folks or even the Almanac to accurately forecast the weather. Nope, all he needed was one quick glance toward the Williams's place. “Looks like a cold spell coming in from over toward Walter Williams.”

Or he could modify his predication as necessary. “Looks like it's raining over toward Walter Williams.”

I never knew Walter Williams. But I knew his place was where the weather was hopping and popping.

Traditionally the best time to plant a garden is Good Friday. But this year, take heed. Uh-huh, the cold spell. Friday night low is 33 with frost likely but then Saturday is sunny, high 66 and low 40. It all works out.

Yeah, spring weather is unpredictable and our spring wardrobe, well it's just stuff. But what really matters is the resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrated on Easter Sunday.

The Easter story remains the greatest joy known to mankind. The resurrection of Christ is our hope for eternity.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23

My dear friends, FYI – Easter Sunday, 2021, forecast: Mostly Sunny, high 71, low 45.

I wish you a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with family, friends and faith.

Anne McKee is a proud native Meridianite and Mississippi historian. She is the author of “Remembering Mississippi” and “Historic Photos of Mississippi.” Anne is primarily known as a Mississippi Storyteller and as well the Director of Rose Hill Cemetery Costumed Tour. See her website:

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