Do what? A cast signing – it’s a very real thing. Yes, a once-in-a-lifetime-event, I hope.

    Let me just say – book signings are a dime-a-dozen. Yep, I’ve enjoyed 135-plus of ‘em during the last eighteen months. I have experienced a wonderful time as I’ve traveled our beautiful State of Mississippi, meeting our good people and signing the books, but, well, read on as I describe a very different signing that is now taking place in my life.

    It all started innocently enough – just a rainy mid-January morning. You know the routine – our unique Mississippi weather. Sunny and cold, rainy and warm, foggy, crystal clear – there’s something for everyone each and every day. Nope, no need for boredom – at least not weather-wise.

    Hmm, I have a confession to make. You see I’ve never acknowledged the great needs of a heavy coat or even an umbrella -- my strategy … just run. Well, it didn't work on that rainy January morning. Thus, a cast signing became a reality. Sigh.

    I’ve learned – yes, I’ve really learned a lot of useful and some not so useful things/stuff during this fracture event.

    1. The great importance of a left wrist even though I am right-handed.

    2. That sitting quietly reading a book (in right hand) can be totally satisfying.

    3. Television is still not the answer.

    4. Pecking on the keyboard with only the right hand is doable.

    5. A good set of teeth can open many things – zip locks, chip bags, even some bottles.

    6. A shower with arm in plastic is most enjoyable.

    7. Styling hair with one hand – well, didn’t work.

    8. Husband styling hair – painful. Did make me forget the fractured wrist for a while.

    9. Sometimes whining is enjoyable.

    10. The importance of wonderful and caring family and friends – always important.

    11. Use every opportunity for “writing material.”  (Heh, Heh, Heh).

    12. A great lesson – to appreciate those with overwhelming disabilities. My injury is fixable.

    13. A heart filled with thankfulness. I always try to be thankful for my problems.

    14. The power of prayer.

    15. The love and concern of strangers – those folks who happened along and noticed my cast.

    16. The great importance of a driver, shopper, dishwasher loader, tote & fetcher – thank you, husband.

    17. All of those sweet Christians at my church for their prayers, love, and concern.

    18. The loss of my kitchen duties to “picking up” and “eating out” – (another Heh, Heh, Heh).

    19. The necessity of “two times per week” visits to my hair stylist (thank you, Glenda).

    20. Most of all – my left wrist may not work right now, but my mind still clicks, my heart still loves, my voice still sings, my creativity is still on fire, and my ideas are at an all time high. Watch out!

    Then, I thought of the cast signing. Wow! What an opportunity!

    Yes, a great way to start a conversation, make new friends, rid oneself of boredom, and above all, the loads and loads of joy I’ve experience by just asking, “Would you sign my cast?” As I participated as a storyteller (a short while) at the Meridian downtown Mardi Gras celebrations, I extended the cast with marker to the kids there, as well as my grandchildren, folks at my church, and several others. You see I needed that cast signed. I mean I couldn’t show up for the next doctor’s appointment with a clean cast? What would that say about my popularity? Chuckle – look for humor everywhere/every situation.

    I suppose what I want to share with you today is that you should take advantage of every opportunity, if possible, to learn and experience the great joy in your life. Oh, I know – sometimes it’s hard to seek out the joy, the light at the end of the long-dark-tunnel, but it’s there, somewhere. Keep the faith and always seek out the joy that is always encircled by great Blessings.

    Sometimes the cup is bitter – it seems no one cares, but most people do care. As we slip deeper and deeper into the chaos of our desperation, experts tell us that it is important to know that we are not alone. Moment by moment we survive – perhaps with broken spirits, bitterness in our hearts, and the question – “Why me?” But most importantly, we survive – that desperate time will pass and normal life will resume.

     Recently I read a compelling and inspiring post online.

 Six ways to be positive in every situation -- I’ve listed the post in part from –  

    1. Shift your thoughts – Think of something unrelated that makes you happy.

    2. Find the lesson – There is a lesson to learn in every situation.

    3. Attitude of gratitude – One can’t be mad and glad at the same time.

    4. Positive affirmations and visualization – You are a positive person, think that way & believe it.

    5. Memories – Keep those memories close that make you happy – don’t relive the stuff that made you mad or sad.

    6. Criticizing Detox Diet –        Shift from fault-finding to appreciation-finding.

    The above list is phenomenal – just wish I had thought of it.  It’s a tough list to live by and I certainly confess that I have not totally lived true to every item listed, but I hope to improve. It’s good stuff – check it out.

    So now my cast signing is a reality – if you see me out, please sign my cast. I’ll save a “spot” just for you.

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