HR 1 has achieved sacrosanct status on the center-left, such that the nation's democratic future is said to depend on it.

New presidents have only so long to get big legislative initiatives done. It’s already June, and the clock is ticking for President Joe Biden. Big bills take a long time. Congress will spend much of the summer on recess. They’ll be at work in the fall, but by the end of the year, Democratic…

After many years of not knowing who his father was, suffering abuse from an alcoholic step-father, and living in extreme poverty, Christopher Gardner made this declaration: “I made a solemn promise that when I grew up and had a son of my own, he would always know who I was and I would never…

In 2020, America was running out of chicken tenders, masks, hamburger meat, hand sanitizer, and plastic gloves. But we were also running low on recreational vehicles. Everyone still wanted to travel, but no one wanted to get on an airplane, if there were even any airplanes still flying.

The amazing and menacing futuristic era of digital technology has furnished us smartphones, digital TV and radio, wi-fi, virtual assistants, online shopping and such but also blockchain, autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence, ransomware, the dark web, and more.

Texas is the latest state to have a big fight over reforming its election laws. Remember that in Georgia, some Democrats -- like President Joe Biden -- said a Republican-passed law that made several commonsense changes to election practices was "Jim Crow on steroids."

The glow of morning skies softly, slowly appears as the darkness is swallowed by the light. A multitude of songbirds herald the new day as I sit quietly watching the skies through the towering trees.

Mississippians, especially young college-educated Mississippians, have been voting with their feet against our state’s status quo. The Magnolia State was one of only three in the country to lose population in the last 10 years, according to just-released U.S. Census data.

Mustard, have you ever thought about mustard, I mean really thought about it? Well, hold on to your corn dog and let us take an up close and personal look at the mighty little yellow substance with a taste you will not soon forget.

The more we learn about the true dimensions of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, the worse it is. Now, a new report says that in the last few months, U.S. authorities have encountered illegal border crossers not just from Mexico, or the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salva…

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If Democrat Mike Espy catches lightning in a bottle in November, he could make history as the first Black Mississippian elected to the U.S. Senate in the modern era. If he does not, his campaign could at least serve as a primer for future statewide candidates.

Starved for sports content, ESPN’s 10-part documentary “The Last Dance” couldn’t have come at a better time, and it certainly helps that the miniseries has met or exceeded expectations four episodes in.

If y’all could use something lighthearted like me, then hopefully this week’s column will provide just that as we further adjust to life with no sports, no school, no church, no concerts and no rush-hour traffic.

Sometimes baseball stays constant to a fault. It took way too long for instant replay to make its way to America’s pastime, and the sport has been slow to make peace with the idea of players showing emotions after a big hit or strikeout.

The Meridian Star is again asking your help to identify people who do good work in the community and to nomintate them for recognition as Citizen of the Year or as an Unsung Hero to be featured in our Proile editions.

Not too long ago I came across a segment by HBO late-night host John Oliver titled “How Is This Still A Thing?” The subject was Daylight Saving Time, in which Oliver dispelled a common myth about the practice of springing our clocks forward in March and how it’s ridiculous we’re still doing it.

Forty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a state could require nonmembers of a public employee union to pay an “agency fee,” otherwise known as costs of collective bargaining, for their representation by the union.

CHICAGO — Almost every year since 1988, I have made a late-May journey up here to attend the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show. It is a massive gathering that brings together every component of the food-service industry under one roof. It’s a yearly kid-in-a-candy-shop mom…

Republican efforts to impose strict work requirements on recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as part of the new farm bill were temporarily thwarted Friday when the House rejected the multiyear legislation in an unrelated dispute over immigration.

Testing will begin later this month on drinking-water wells in areas of Kemper County surrounding Naval Air Station Meridian’s Joe Williams Field. Officials with the U.S. Navy will conduct the testing.

President Trump's performance at the G-20 summit in Germany produced a wave of commentary claiming the United States has abdicated its role as world leader.

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The Meridian Star asked candidates for mayor of Meridian to respond in guest columns to four questions based on input from our readers. Their responses have been published on this page in advance of the June 6 election.

The recent report that Mississippi State and Southern Miss will renew their basketball rivalry came as welcomed news to this observer.

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