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Clarkdale High School students Emma Biddles, 14; Reid Perry, 14; Cade Campbell, 14; Brandon Mitchell, 16; Karley Thompson, 17; and Madison Gatewood, 16, are pictured here. All of the students with the exception of Campbell are members of the school's band and sold raffle tickets to help pay medical bills for a student injured in a car wreck. Campbell won the raffle and donated his winnings to help the injured student.

    Clarkdale High School ninth grader Cade Campbell was not present for the raffle drawing at the Dylan Mabry Memorial Bulls and Barrels event Saturday.

    But he sent a dollar with his friend junior Brandon Mitchell to enter the drawing.

    The prize was half the pot, with the other half going to senior Clarkdale band drum captain Kelly Hall, a senior at Clarkdale who was injured in a car wreck just before school started. The band raffled off tickets to help pay for medical bills.

    When Campbell won the $140 split of the raffle, the 14-year-old didn't hesitate.

    "Brandon texted me and told me I had won, that's when I found out," Campbell said. "I texted him and told him (to donate the money). She had been in that wreck. She needed it more than I did."

    After second-year band director Andrew Pryor heard Campbell had donated his portion of the raffle money, he told some of the Clarkdale Band Boosters.

    "I told them Cade had decided to donate his portion to Kelly and her family," Pryor said. "They were so moved by that, they decided to bump it up to $500. We were more than happy to do that."

    Laurie Hall, Kelly's mother said the family is grateful for the help.

    "It's an amazing blessing," Laurie Hall said. "It's so generous of them to do that. Especially for him to donate his portion. We just appreciate all they've done and all the hard work. We just want to send a heartfelt thank you to Clarkdale. All the staff and all the kids have been really great."

    Hall spent two and a half weeks in the ICU and has since been undergoing rehabilitation at Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson.

    "Physically, she's doing much better," Laurie Hall, Kelly's mother said. "At times, she's weak, but physically she's getting better. She still has some memory loss, but generally, she's doing very well. She's still going to need therapy when she gets back."

    When Hall first arrived, she couldn't feed herself or put herself in the bed and is now able to do both.

    "She's still got a long road ahead with her therapy," Laurie Hall said.

    Bulls and Barrels is a fundraiser rodeo done in memory of Dylan Mabry, a former Clarkdale student. Last year, at the Bulls & Barrels first event, $1,500 went to scholarships in Mabry's name.

    Mabry, who was 17 when he died in a wreck on April 26, 2013, was a junior at Clarkdale High where he was a member of the 2013 State Champion Welding team. As a member of the FFA he was also the 2011 State individual winner in Dairy Evaluation.

    The Clarkdale Chapter of Future Farmers of America will also donate $500 in the name of Sam Johnson, a student who died in an ATV accident this summer, to Team Maddie, a charity made to fund cystic fibrosis research and made to honor a 4-year-old from Meridian, Maddie Luke. 

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