Bonita Lakes

File photo

Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian 

Three parks around Meridian will soon be outfitted with security cameras. 

The cameras will be installed at Highland Park, Bonita Lakes and Northeast Park. The cameras come at an upfront cost of $82,879 and will be covered by a drug seizure fund, said Chief Administrative Officer Richie McAlister. 

The cameras will go up within 30 days, he said. 

Mississippi Power will provide cameras to the Meridian Police Department as part of a new sole source provider contract. The city council approved the agreement at a meeting Tuesday. 

The city and Mississippi Power will be in a five-year deal for the cameras.

“This gives us more eyes,” said McAlister.

“It’s just another opportunity in our initiative to be more proactive in fighting crime and improving the lives of the citizens of Meridian.”

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