Here’s a look at some background information about the capital murder trial of Lewis Thomas Green and Gregory Smith, which began Monday in Lauderdale County Circuit Court and concluded on Wednesday.

i Spectators: About 15 people attended the

three-day trial of Gregory Smith, 19, and Lewis Thomas Green, 26. Some were there to support Jeremy Scott’s family; some were there to support the defendants.

i History: As the trial began, both defendants were already serving time with the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

i How that happened: Jeremy Scott died in May 2004, but Smith and Green weren’t indicted until March 2006.

In the meantime, May 2005, both defendants were

convicted of other crimes in Bolivar County. Smith was serving a 25-year prison sentence for armed robbery and conspiracy. Green was serving a 91-year sentence for armed robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault.

i Capital charge: Smith and Green were indicted on a charge of capital murder, and stood trial for that offense, but the district attorney’s office did not seek the death penalty.

Capital murder occurs when a second, underlying felony is committed simultaneously. In this case, the underlying felony was armed robbery; the defendants stole money and drugs from the house where Jeremy Scott was staying.

i Also indicted: There is a third defendant in this case, 27-year-old Anthony Edward Evans. He was initially charged in connection with Jeremy Scott’s death in June of this year. It happened after a Meridian police officer noted an outstanding warrant for capital murder during a “Click it or Ticket” traffic stop.

Evans is represented by Meridian attorney Henry Palmer, who argued successfully that his client should not be tried with the other two defendants. The reason: Evans wasn’t there, Palmer said, and has alibi witnesses who will testify to that effect.

Palmer listened to most of the testimony and arguments in this week’s trial. Evans’ trial is set for March 26.

i The cast: Circuit Judge Robert Bailey presided. Assistant District Attorneys Dan Angero and Craig Conway prosecuted the case. Green was represented by public defenders David Stephenson and Frances Stephenson; Smith was represented by public defenders Pat Jordan and Chris Falgout.

i Witnesses: The prosecution presented six

witnesses: Detective Jason McElheney, now a full-time National Guardsman; Detectives Andy Havard and Joe Hoadley of the Meridian Police Department; Detective J.C. Boswell, now with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s

Department; a girlfriend of one of the defendants; and Dr. Stephen Hayne, who performed the autopsy on Jeremy Scott’s body.

The defense rested without calling any witnesses.

i Infestation: The jury room was briefly evacuated Wednesday morning when a box of doughnuts attracted swarms of ants. Court officers called an exterminator, who sprayed the room. Jurors were able to re-enter after a few minutes.

i Deliberations: Jurors retired to the jury room about 11:15 a.m. with five CDs of police interviews with the defendants. They deliberated five hours before reaching a verdict.

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