Solar neighborhood coming to Lauderdale County

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A Tesla Solar Roof on this home in Hattiesburg was installed by Cross Roofing, a Certified Tesla Installer, in less than three days. Mississippi Power plans to start building a neighborhood in Lauderdale County with solar roofs and smart devices in early 2021.


Mississippi Power plans to start building a neighborhood in Lauderdale County with solar roofs and smart devices in early 2021.

This smart neighborhood, called Enzor Place, will have smart home automation and energy efficient equipment and appliances, according to a press release.

The homes are also expected to feature Tesla Powerwalls, which are batteries that store energy and that would become the home’s energy source if the grid went down, according to Tesla’s website.

Mississippi Power spokesperson Jeff Shepard said the company is not ready to announce the site’s location in Lauderdale County, but more details will be available soon.

The homes will feature devices such as smart thermostats and smart lighting. Shepard said that Mississippi Power will conduct research on smart devices in the houses. The company will learn how these devices impact a household’s energy usage, for example.

The houses will also feature Tesla solar roofs, which are roofs featuring solar shingles. Residents will also be able to charge an electric vehicle in their home and will be able to use an app on their cell phone to control their home’s energy usage.

“We think these are all really important innovations that our customers are going to be interested in today, tomorrow, for years to come,” Shepard said, “and so it’s critical that we know how it will impact both their lives and grid reliability.”

Phase I of the project will include about 45 homes, according to the press release, but Mississippi Power expects the development to eventually have 100-150 homes.

Shepard said the power company will work with local developers that will market and sell the homes to interested buyers. He said the expected cost of the homes will be available during the construction of the neighborhood. Home sizes, lot sizes and final features have not been finalized, he said.

“Mississippi Power uses the most advantaged technologies to offer creative energy solutions that make our customers’ lives every day,” said Anthony Wilson, Mississippi Power President and CEO, in the press release. “This smart neighborhood is designed to simplify homeowners’ lives and give them more control over their home and energy use.”

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