Opening day sweet for Shipley Do-Nuts in Meridian

Erin Kelly / The Meridian Star

Linda Watts arranges glazed donuts on the opening day of Shipley Do-Nuts in Meridian.   

The aromas of fried dough, sweet glaze and bacon wafted through the air as Shipley Do-Nuts welcomed its first customers in Meridian Monday. 

The line, which began at the door, remained steady at 10 a.m., five hours after opening.

A few cars were lined up on Poplar Springs Drive, waiting to pull into the drive-through lane, which was wrapped around the building. 

“It’s been crazy. I mean, we cannot keep up with the demand,” said Rodolfo Rios, the manager.  

He estimated the store had already sold 500 donuts. 

“We’re thankful to the community for their support and I hope they can bear with us. We’re trying to serve them and give them some donuts, but it’s kind of overwhelming and I’m about to cry,” Rios said, with a laugh. 

Minutes later, he was busy dipping maple glazed donuts into a coating of bacon. 

Mark Gibson of Kemper County said he had eaten a “few thousand” Shipley donuts in Greenville and was eager to visit the Meridian location. 

He ordered a dozen glazed donuts. 

“They are so good. They just melt in your mouth. They’re like cotton candy,” he said. 

Shipley Do-Nuts started in 1936 in Houston, Texas, but has expanded across the south, according to the company's website.  

The Meridian store is located at 4808 Poplar Springs Drive and is open Monday to Saturday from 5 a.m - 6 p.m. and Sunday from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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