Meridian City Council Vice President Weston Lindemann is pursuing an investigation into a March 27 arrest for a second time, according to a statement on his Facebook page that said he found issues in dash camera video that he did not notice before.

Lindemann called for a formal council investigation into an allegation of police brutality last week.

He provided The Meridian Star a letter dated June 8 that he said was written by Levi Gibbs.

In the letter, Gibbs claimed officers punched him, and kicked him repeatedly after telling him he was stopped for speeding.

Lindemann posted a statement to his Facebook page on Wednesday, that said, in part, "After reviewing dash cam footage and EMT records, among other information that was requested, it was impossible to conclude that Meridian Police Officers assaulted the civilian in question ... The severity of injuries described in a recent letter are inconsistent with what is depicted on camera and in the EMT report."

In another statement to his Facebook page Thursday night, Lindemann said he had first watched the video Monday in a room where numerous people were talking over the video, and he failed to thoroughly review the information.

Lindemann said he had since rewatched the dash camera footage and was able to carefully listen to the audio and play the video in slow motion.

"There was no one talking the entire time like before," Lindemann said in the statement. "There were so many issues that I noticed this time that I didn’t realize while watching on Monday. Because of this, I will once again be pursuing an investigation into this incident."

The city said it does not believe there was any evidence of police brutality during the arrest.

"The City has fully cooperated in the matter and stands by their position that information provided rebuts any of the claims made by Mr. Gibbs," Chief Administrative Officer Eddie Kelly said in a statement Friday. "The City also believes that the Meridian Police Department acted professionally during this incident and stands by those individuals who are sworn to protect the citizens of Meridian."

A March 30 Meridian Police Department arrest docket shows Gibbs, 50, was charged with resisting arrest on March 27.

A federal grand jury indicted him on May 12 for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

Gibbs “forcefully and passively resisted” an attempt to handcuff him and he was “taken into custody with the minimum amount of force used to effect the arrest,” according to a federal affidavit.

Gibbs refused medical attention from emergency personnel, the city said.

Kelly said no one had filed a formal complaint with the city regarding Gibbs' arrest.

A representative of the U.S. Attorney's Office reviewed video and found no improper actions by the arresting officers, according to MPD Interim Chief Charles Coleman.

Attorney Joseph Denson said Friday that he is representing Gibbs as civil counsel and is in the process of conducting an investigation into excessive force.

He said a video that he posted on Facebook Friday shows Gibbs being thrown on the back of his car, shows Gibbs' hand is spread, and later, shows the car shaking.

“You can hear him at the front of the car screaming,” Denson said.

Denson said it was just one portion of the evidence.

“In no way I’m saying this tells the entire story,” he said.

Online records show Gibbs is being held in the Madison County Detention Center.

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