1005 Condemned House

This house at 2607 St. Andrews St., is part of 39 properties the Meridian City Council voted 3-2 to condemn.

After a lengthy and often raucous discussion involving the process of condemnations, the Meridian City Council voted 3-2 to condemn all 39 properties Code Enforcement Manager Wiley Quinn Jr. brought before the body Tuesday morning.

Ward 3 Councilman Dustin Markham and Ward 4 Councilwoman and Council President Kim Houston voted to delete some properties off the condemnation list so property owners would have more time to get their property up to code.

The action came after a public hearing where residents could contest whether their property should be on the list.

In response to a question from Ward 1 Councilman George Thomas concerning the condemnation process, Quinn said property owners are given 30 days to respond after their notice of violation is received.

"I think the problem we're having is we're making exceptions," Thomas said. "Once they have been condemned, they're condemned. If property owners don't respond, condemn the property and quit allowing people to do something to fix them up. People have plenty of time to respond and tear them down."

Quinn said his office is willing to work with individuals who desire to clean up their property to remove it from the condemnation list.

"If anyone wants to rehab their property, we're willing to work with them." Quinn said. "We'll give them up to a year. Once they bring it up to to a habitable state, we will work with them. If we've done all the work, then I'm ready to tear it down. We are responsible to make sure there are licensed contractors, licensed plumbers and licensed contractors to bring houses up to a habitable condition. They need to get an engineer and bring them up to today's standards."

Linda Jordan, whose deceased mother, Ida Mae Jordan, owned the home on 3409 Fifth St., said the city has put up roadblock after roadblock to prevent her restoring the property so it can come off the condemnation list. In particularly, she accused Community Development Department Director Bunky Partridge of blocking her requests for the necessary permits, a claim Partridge denied.

"I did what the city asked me to do and hired people and paid them. I met with Mr. Quinn. He told me what I needed to do," Jordan said. "The people were then denied permits. When (the city) saw I was willing to do whatever it took, they came up with this floodplain. This came after the fact to issue a permit."

Meridian resident and State Rep. Charles Young also addressed the council over property at 2607 St. Andrews St., his client, TYG Investors, owns along with another property at 635 33rd Ave. Young said he invested $60,000 into the home he owned but hasn't paid taxes on it for four years because of condemnation questions.

Markham requested Quinn be consistent in condemning property and inform the public of procedures.

"I ask you get with our attorney and prepare an overview of the process of condemnation," Markham said. "We need to be consistent. Citizens need have the ability to understand codes, ordinances, and procedures you implement. It is on us to make sure they understand the process. They are not going to know what questions to ask. You need to do a better job of bridging that gap."

Meridian Mayor Percy Bland said it's the city's desire to maintain property for the betterment of the city.

"We're going to continue to do whatever we can to demolish houses that are dilapidated in our city," Bland said. "Our Code Enforcement Department has a tough job to do, just like the police department. They are tasked with following our code fairly and consistently with each citizen and to communicate in writing and in person the process our process and expectations of citizens to keep their property in line with our city code.

"We try to bend over backward to help our citizens, but after the process has been exhausted, we must put these properties on the condemnation list and demolition list," Bland added.

Condemned Properties

3417 State Blvd.

2253 41st Ave.

102 35th Ave.

214 32nd Ave. S.

20 35th Ave. S.

3620 15th St.

3712 15th St.

6625 Old 8th St. Road

1417 26th Ave.

2327 32nd Ave.

2003 27th Ave.

1708 26th Ave.

2015 27th Ave.

1212 27th Ave.

1714 20th St.

1906 17th Ave.

1618 26th Ave.

2003 21st St.

1704 20th St.

2007 20th St.

2922 18th St.

1818 33rd Ave.

907 Bragg Ave.

3012 Davis St.

2631 St. Andrews St.

635 33rd Ave.

3821 Smith St.

3329 Davis St.

609 34th Ave.

610 33rd Ave.

3110 5th St.

2015 20th Ave.

3409 5th St.

4005 State Blvd.

1506 10th Ave.

1947 8th Ave.

1010 17th St.

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