Nancy LePrad Hamilton just celebrated her 90th birthday. But you wouldn't know it by looking at her, and you certainly wouldn't know it by looking at her daily schedule. Nancy, still bright and energetic, gets up at the crack of dawn every morning. She still does aerobics three times a week. She even shows up to work every morning.

Born in Durham, N.C. in 1918, Nancy graduated from Duke University in 1939, where her father was a professor of History. It was on the steps of the Duke University Library where she met her late husband, David, and it was they were married in Duke University Chapel in 1942. To this day, Nancy is an active Duke Alum, collecting Duke memorabilia and taking alumni cruises to all parts of the world.

David was in the Army Corps of Engineers, and at the beginning of their marriage, he and Nancy were stationed at what was then called Camp Polk, La. When David went off to war, Nancy went back to her parents' home and had her first son, Jim, nine months later.

David and Nancy had three more children, Susan, John, and Tom, and David continued his career in the military after the war, taking the family to the D.C. area and to Germany.

In June of 1959, David died of heart complications, and the family left Germany to move into their house in David's hometown, Meridian. Nancy has been here ever since.

"This is home, now," she said.

After moving to Meridian Nancy spent most of her time caring for her four children . She was a super mom before the term was coined, cooking, cleaning, and even sewing her children's clothes. An expert seamstress, Nancy made suits, coats, even pageant gowns for her kids, and still found time to be active socially, in her church, and in the family business.

Today, with her children and grandchildren grown up, Nancy can relax a bit. She doesn't have to do as much as she did as a single mother in the '60's, but she doesn't let that stop her from keeping busy.

"I have a ridiculous routine," she said, "but I enjoy it."

Every morning she gets up early and goes in to the family business, a Best Western hotel. When the post office opens, she goes to collect the mail, then delivers it to the numerous family members with whom she shares a post office box. She goes to the bank, she goes shopping, she goes to her aerobics class, she goes to church. She does everything that many 90-year-old women are just too tired to do.

While she admits she can't do the kind of aerobics she used to, "I think it's pretty dern good for my age," she said.

She said she doesn't know any secret to staying active into your 90's, and says she doesn't even consider herself particularly healthy, having suffered from some health problems in the past.

"I just keep going," she said, "I've had various problems over the years, but somehow manage to get around them."

Nancy said that the best thing in life is family and friends, and that her greatest accomplishment has been, "my children, and the fact that I managed to see them through without the help that I needed."

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