Magnolia Middle School celebrates success, principal

Bianca Moorman / The Meridian Star

Magnolia Middle School Principal Angela McQuarley, Meridian Public School District Superintendent Amy Cater and District Human Resources Director Kimberley Kendrick help celebrate Magnolia Middle Schools success for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Praise for success filled a celebration held Wednesday morning at Meridian's Magnolia Middle School.

The school celebrated accomplishments made during the 2017-2018 academic year based on the Mississippi Accountability Report card and its principal, Angela McQuarley, who was selected the Meridian Public School District's 2018 administrator of the year.

MPSD Superintendent Amy Carter said over the five years since McQuarley has been principal, she has shown great leadership. McQuarley has been putting together a team to help teachers push their students to succeed, Carter said.

"We are excited about this growth that is taking place in the part of the city," Carter said.

McQuarley said it was a great feeling to know the school was successful. Her goal this year, she said, was to instill success in her students and to strive for better scores on the state assessments. The school improved from a D to a C on state assessment scores released this year.

“We don’t let where they are coming from define them,” McQuarley said.

McQuarley said the school used data from the students and discussed it with them to make sure students were on the right level.  Through classes, tutoring and creating an after school program, the school provided students with extra support.

It takes more than just teachers and students to bring success, it also takes a community, McQuarley said.

McQuarley said the school has already started a pledge with sixth-grade students to help the school achieve a B grade.

McQuarley said she was surprised to see her parents present, while she was being recognized for her work at the school. Joyce and David Malone, McQuarley’s parents, said they were proud their daughter achieved her goal of making her school successful and noted how her passion shows through.

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