Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department

The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department reported the following arrests between 6 a.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday.

• DUI/first offense - Timothy Shawn Adams, 48, 4400 Rubush Ave., Meridian. Adams is also charged with no liability insurance.

• Simple assault - Ernesto Emmanuel Valdez Allen, 29, 4915 Poplar Springs Dr., Meridian.

• DUI/first offense - Jacqueline Ophelia Brown, 50, 9557 Myers Rd., Lauderdale. Brown is also charged with no liability insurance, suspended driver’s license.

• DUI/first offense - Malik D. Brown, 21, 2417 16th Ave., Meridian. Brown is also charged with speeding, possession of marijuana vehicle.

• Public profanity - Rachael Donaldson, 46, 1325 White Ave., Anniston, Ala. Donaldson is also charged with disorderly conduct/failure to obey law enforcement officer.

• DUI/second offense - Adrien Keith Dubose, 58, 209 50th Ave., Meridian.

• Failure to pay - Darryl Lawrence Franklin Jr., 30, 810 16th St., Meridian.

• DUI/first offense - Lejordin Megail Henley, 22, 36 Scott Rd., Meridian. Henley is also charged with driving in more than one lane, seat belt violation, no driver’s license, no liability insurance, child endangerment.

• DUI/second offense - Larry Huggins, 55, 3807 Valley St., Meridian. Huggins is also charged with speeding, windows tinted or darkened/first offense, suspended driver’s license.

• Court order/mandatory days - Clifford Scott Joyner Jr., 39, 8724 Lauderdale-Toomsuba Rd., Lauderdale.

• DUI/other substance - Nathaniel Michael Monti, 20, 2684 Hwy. 496, Meridian. Monti is also charged with no driver’s license, possession of marijuana less than 30 grams.

• Failure to pay - Sherah Tikesha Naylor, 39, 918 Rubush Ave., Meridian.

• DUI/first offense - Kirby Glenn Tate, 56, 340 Arbor Dr., Ridgeland. Tate is also charged with careless driving, no liability insurance.

• DUI/first offense - Solomon Deoun Willis, 40, 1237 Sandflat Rd., Meridian. Willis is also charged with careless driving.

Incident Reports

The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department reported the following incidents from Friday through Monday.


• Askew Rd., Meridian.

Accident no injuries

• Allen Swamp Rd.


• Rollins Dr., Lauderdale.

• Valley Rd., Meridian.

• Hwy. 19S.

Meet complainant

• Old Homestead Rd., Meridian.

Missing person

• Zero Rd., Meridian.

Intoxicated subject

• Russell-Mt. Gilead Rd., Meridian.

Accident with injuries

• Poplar Springs Dr.

Poisoning with intent to kill or injure

• Hwy. 11/80 East.

Fire Runs

The Lauderdale County Volunteer Fire Departments reported the following calls Friday through Monday.

• Emergency medical service call, Canal Way (Lauderdale).

• Structure fire, Pine Springs Rd. (Martin, Collinsville, Bailey).

• Motor vehicle accident, Interstate 20 (Toomsuba).

• Brushfire, Nester Rd. (Clarkdale, South).

• Assist, Gum Log Rd. (Bailey).

Ambulance Runs

Metro Ambulance reported 36 emergency runs Monday at 2 p.m.


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