Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department

Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department

Information from a home security camera in Lauderdale County helped sheriff's deputies track down one of two men suspected of stealing property from a home, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun said Monday. 

According to Calhoun, around 8:25 a.m., a homeowner reported that he received a notification from his home security system that someone was at his house on Dr. Brock Road.

When he viewed images from the security system, he saw two people steal the camera, Calhoun said. 

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Investigators later determined other items were stolen from outside the house. 

According to the sheriff's department, the homeowner was able to describe the suspects' car, and 10 minutes later deputies spotted a car matching the description on Valley Road and Graham Cemetery Road.

When authorities tried to stop the car, it sped off, traveling as fast as 100 miles per hour before stopping at a mobile home park on the north end of Valley Road, Calhoun said. 

He said two men ditched the car and ran and deputies took one man into custody after a 30-minute search of the woods.

The other man, identified by the sheriff's department as Richard Ryan Kell, had not been located as of Monday evening, according to Calhoun. 

Lauderdale County deputies credit home security camera with help in arrest

Richard Ryan Kell

Deputies said they are still looking into what occurred, but have issued an arrest warrant for Kell for felony fleeing and eluding.

“This is another great example of how today’s technology really can help us to have something to work with when we have a victim," Calhoun said. “Without it, they could have very well broken into the home and the victim would not have known about it until they discovered it upon returning to the residence.”

The sheriff's department hopes to announce a plan in the near future that would allow homeowners to share images from their security cameras with neighbors and law enforcement as part of a network, Calhoun said. 

"The reason people get this technology is to safeguard their own property," Calhoun said. "If a byproduct of that is that law enforcement receives more reliable information about suspects involved in crime activity on that person’s property, then that helps us to be more efficient and to solve more crimes."

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