1 cow remains on the lam after Highway 15 trailer escape

Erin Kelly / The Meridian Star

Retired cattle farmer Wayne Mims was bringing four cows to a stockyard in Meridian Monday morning when two escaped out of a trailer on Highway 15. 

One of two cows that escaped a moving trailer on Highway 15 Monday morning remained missing Tuesday afternoon. 

The animals were headed to the stockyard in Meridian to be sold, but fell out through a sliding door on the back gate of the trailer, according to retired cattle farmer Wayne Mims of Bay Springs.

A man who had been driving behind Mims on Highway 15 flashed his lights and honked his horn, but Mims never heard it because his hearing aids weren't in, he said. 

The farmer wouldn't discover the cows missing for at least 20 miles, when he arrived at Meridian Livestock. Two other cows remained in the trailer behind a partition. 

Mims said one fell out near Main Street in Newton, but Mims initially didn't know where the other one ended up. 

After a failed attempt to capture the cow in Newton with police Monday, Mims returned to a field Tuesday morning with more help.

Daryll Gibbs, manager of Meridian Livestock, said he and another man brought horses and Black Mouth Curs, dogs used to round up cattle. "You wouldn't have never found her without dogs," Gibbs said. 

This time, the group had success.

"They roped her and got her out of the thicket and pulled her out," Mims said. "She was a little mad." 

Mims said the driver who had witnessed the cows' escape caught up with him Tuesday and was able to point out where the first cow got out – near the Jasper-Newton county line.

The black and white cow, worth an estimated $500-$600, remains missing and Mims planned to continue searching for her on Wednesday. 

Anyone who encounters the animal can call Meridian Livestock. 

"I hate it, but it's happened. There's nothing I can do about it." Mims said.  

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