COME TOGETHER: Another magical mural appears in Meridian

photos by Thomas Howard / The Meridian Star

Leslie Carruth applies paint to the mural at Freddie’s Fine Spirits on Highway 39 on Oct. 18. The mural is the latest created by The Meridian Museum Art Collective.

COME TOGETHER: Another magical mural appears in Meridian

Bill Graham / The Meridian Star

The Meridian Museum Art Collective painted this mural that graces the side of Freddie’s Fine Spirits on Highway 39.

The Meridian Museum Art Collective has come together once again to create another colorful mural.

The latest creation, an homage to The Beatles’ Abbey Road, graces the side of Freddie’s Fine Spirits on Highway 39.

The mural is the fifth the group has created in Meridian and the largest project they’ve undertaken.

Leslie Carruth, the project manager for this piece, says the 40-foot high, 10-feet long wall was a challenging in its scope.

“Daniel Ethridge was our lead artist on this project,” she said. “The lettering on this mural was very detailed. The fractal lettering looks cool, but we had to be precise because the brick was textured with very deep grout. The result with the silhouettes is very cool.”

Ethridge agrees.

COME TOGETHER: Another magical mural appears in Meridian

Marsha Iverson works on the mural.



“The mural says it all,” he said. “We want to make a beautiful, bright, positive impact. We want to inspire people to live their best lives. We welcome a challenge; no job is too big or too small.”

For this mural, Ethridge created the computer-generated picture to submit for approval. The next step, once approved, is to grid it out, then make it look exactly the way it was envisioned.

“The result is just what you expect, and that is wonderful,” he said.

Marsha Iverson, a member of the Collective, appreciated the group effort it took to create the mural.

“It’s been so neat seeing people’s interest in the project,” she said. “They would stop to look, and we would urge them to pick up a paintbrush. Even if they were nervous at first, they loved the process once they started helping. I had a blast posting on social media each day, leading up to the big reveal.”

Bet Deweese, owner of Freddie’s with her husband Doug, says they enjoyed collaborating with the group. The lettering was a nod to her hobby of making stained glass.

“They made our vision happen,” she said. “Now, more than ever, we felt like we needed a colorful, positive message for our community and our world. We want people to ‘come together.’ This is our sixth year in business, and we have wanted to do something like this for a long time. The Art Collective group put in the work.”

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