Cobb named Anderson's DAISY nurse of the year

Thomas Howard / The Meridian Star

Anderson Regional Health System's DAISY Nurse of the Year Melissa Cobb, right, is congratulated Wednesday by friend and coworker Betty Cryer.

Critical Care nurse Melissa Cobb on Wednesday was named Anderson Regional Health System’s DAISY Nurse of the Year.

Elizabeth Wiggins, marketing director for Anderson Regional Health Systems, said the DAISY Award is a prestigious, international award that is given to nurses who go above and beyond in caring for patients. Each month, she said, coworkers and patients nominate a nurse to receive the award.

DAISY, which stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, was created in 1999 as a way to recognize nursing care by the family of a deceased patient. Since then, the award has spread to hospitals around the world as a way to honor dedicated nurses. 

Cobb was chosen from the past 12 monthly DAISY winners to receive the yearly award. Anderson Regional Health Systems Chief Nurse Betty Cryer she had known Cobb for more than six years, and was glad to see her be recognized.

“It really feels good,” she said. “I’ve worked with Melissa. I’ve seen her interaction with patients. I’ve seen her interaction with families, and how she goes beyond the call of duty to try to help the patient and the family cope during the most difficult time.”

Cobb’s nomination came from a former patient, who had been placed on a ventilator for severe COVID-19. In the nomination, the patient recalled the effort Cobb had put into caring for them and helping them recover.

Cobb said seeing patients like that recover is what keeps her motivated in her work.

“With COVID, we have not been seeing very many successes,” she said. “So when you do finally see that one success and they come back to you, and they thank you for giving them life again because something you did touched them, helped them to get better, you pushed them to get better, it’s all worth it.”

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