Meridian City Hall

Meridian City Hall

Evidence reviewed during an internal investigation showed no indication of police brutality in the March 27 arrest of Levi Gibbs, the City of Meridian said in a statement Wednesday.

Meridian City Council Vice President Weston Lindemann called for a formal council investigation into an allegation last week.

He provided The Meridian Star a letter dated June 8 that he said was written by Gibbs.

In the letter, Gibbs claimed officers punched him, and kicked him repeatedly after telling him he was stopped for speeding.

City officials met with police Monday to review both dash camera videos and transportation videos from the Kemper County jail to the Lauderdale County jail and from the Lauderdale County jail to the Madison County jail, the city's statement said.

"The dash cam video rebuts any evidence of police brutality during the arrest," the statement said. "The transport videos also rebut that Mr. Gibbs was beaten by members of the Meridian Police Department as alleged in his June 8, 2020 letter. Finally, statements by the Kemper County Sheriff's Department and corrections officers rebut police brutality."

A March 30 Meridian Police Department arrest docket shows Gibbs, 50, was charged with resisting arrest on March 27.

A federal grand jury indicted him on May 12 for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

Gibbs “forcefully and passively resisted” an attempt to handcuff him and he was “taken into custody with the minimum amount of force used to effect the arrest,” according to a federal affidavit.

"The video evidence is clear that he resisted arrest," Meridian Chief Administrative Officer Eddie Kelly said Wednesday.

Lindemann posted a statement to his Facebook page on Wednesday, that said, in part, "After reviewing dash cam footage and EMT records, among other information that was requested, it was impossible to conclude that Meridian Police Officers assaulted the civilian in question. To the contrary, the civilian waived his right to receive additional medical care once EMT’s arrived on the scene. The severity of injuries described in a recent letter are inconsistent with what is depicted on camera and in the EMT report."

Lindemann said he would investigate any new information that comes forward and that in the future, "allegations of this type will require an automatic review of the evidence by the President and Vice President of the Council."

Kelly said no one had filed a formal complaint with the city regarding Gibbs' arrest.

A representative of the U.S. Attorney's Office reviewed video and found no improper actions by the arresting officers, according to MPD Interim Chief Charles Coleman. 

Messages left with Gibbs' attorney have not been returned.

Online records show Gibbs is being held in the Madison County Detention Center.

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