I don’t know what I was thinking when I left Meridian Tuesday night and headed out to Camp Binachi, but for some reason I went down Highway 145 and realized that I wasn’t taking the best route to my destination.

So I chose to cut across to Highway 19.

I’m glad I did.

While I was making my way across U.S. 45 to get to 19 the first thing I noticed was the half-moon rising above the trees. It was reddish-orange and gleaming through the darkened pines. I started getting excited at what I considered to be a picture perfect beginning to a fun night of Halloween’s eve. Once I got on Highway 19 and traveled past Vimville, I had yet another vision that fit perfectly with the night’s events. A nice thick fog hovered lowly across the road in a hollow area beneath the next hill I was about to approach. As I turned onto Camp Binachi Road, it also added to the ambience of the night with the feeling of the trees closing in tighter on the narrow road.

When I arrived, I joined Dr. Alan Brown, an English Professor from the University of West Alabama, Scotty Ray Boyd and Debbie Alexander, radio hosts with MISS 101, Amy Rodgers and Heather Storm, with Q-95, and our hosts Frank Polizzi and Joey Hollern.

The stage was set with a roaring fire, complete with weenie roasting and marshmallow toasting. It also came complete with a very noisy bird of some species. We decided it was a screech owl. While telling ghost stories, Mr. Owl kept chiming in at just the appropriate moments to add a spine tingling effect to the tales.

As we gathered around the fire, Frank Polizzi began to tell the story of the legend of Moss Back, a headless indian said to haunt the woods of Binachi. (The story can be heard on the Star Video portion of www.meridianstar.com). The traditional story carries such a legacy that there is even a stone placed at the camp where the boy scouts can touch it to protect themselves from ole Moss Back.

We each shared different

experiences and ghostly thoughts throughout the night and enjoyed the socializing. Other than the Owl, we had no eerie happenings out of the ordinary, but we all had a belly full of hotdogs and other good treats to satisfy us.

The best part of it to me: I got to be a kid again for a few hours and it was great!

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