West Lauderdale High School teacher Ed Abdella shared his passion for history at the July meeting of the Obadiah Homemakers. 

Abdella’s subject for his presentation was “The Holocaust and the rise of Adolf Hitler.”

"Adolf Hitler was not German. He was born in Austria to a cruel father and an indifferent mother,” Adbello said. “His father died in 1903; his mother in 1907. 

“By 1909, he (Hitler) was penniless as the money left to him ran out. He stayed in homeless shelters and found temporary work where he could as a common laborer and by painting and selling his watercolors of scenic Vienna's sights. Already, he was embracing anti-Semitic racist rhetoric,” Abdella said.

In 1913, Hitler received the final portion of his father's estate and moved to Munich, Germany. 

“This is where his views of Jews grew into what ultimately became known as the Holocaust,” Abdella said.

A question-and-answer session followed Abdella’s presentation.

Cathy Clearman presented the devotion, selection from Proverbs 31 Ministries (Crosswalk.com) "The Work You Can Do While You Wait" by Tricia Lott Wiliford.  Psalm 27:14 was the focal Bible verse: Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

“Waiting is one of God's favorite tools to get our attention,” Clearman read. “In some ways, the Bible's title could be ‘The Great Wait’ and the cast of characters could be the ‘Great Waiters.’

"Noah waited for the rain. Daniel waited through the night with a den full of lions. David waited in a cave. Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for the arrival of their promised son, Isaac, after waiting an entire lifetime to even get the promise in the first place,” Clearman continued.

"Joseph waited 13 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Moses waited 40 years to be called by God. Paul waited in prison. Even Jesus waited 30 years to begin His ministry, though He was well equipped long before. If God asked Jesus to wait, why do we think He would speed up our process?

"Here's what I love most about the Great Waiters of the Bible:  they were flawed, with the exception of Jesus, They were people just like you and me, trying to please God but often falling short. Some of them got it but most of them didn't which comforts me, since I usually don't get it either!

“What do the Bible stories of the Great Waiters show us about waiting? What did they do while they waited?

“While Noah waited for the rain, he got busy with what he had: a lot of wood and some specific measurements. As Daniel waited, he remained faithful in prayer and firm in his convictions. While Joseph waited, he did his best with each small task given to him and stayed close to God. Likewise, Job, David, Paul and even Jesus waited patiently and began the ministry God called each of them to do, caring for the people around them,” Clearman continued.

"What I see in all of these stories is that there is always work to be done while we're waiting. Sometimes the work is hands-on and physical, and other times it's a solitary journey of soul-searching. Sometimes the work is a discipline of noticing, a practice of being alert and aware; sometimes it's about being patient, loving and present. But when we choose to surrender to the moment, when we seek to believe this moment is part of a larger story, and when we embrace the ache of the longing, the wait is never wasted.

"The Lord enters the journey of those who wait. May we continue to trust Him as He reveals Himself along the way."

Lou Limerick concluded the devotion with prayer, remembering those of the community in need of prayer.

A collection of snacks individually wrapped by members will be delivered to the Veterans Center by Robin Doerner and Elaine Herber.

Several members were winners in the recent dairy foods contest at the June council meeting.  There will be no council meeting in July and August. Monthly council meetings will resume in September. 

Refreshments were served by hostesses Robin Doerner and Cathy Clearman. The meeting adjourned with the Pledge of the American Flag led by Doerner.

• Submitted by Cathy Clearman.

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