MCC's Dimensions group shares talents with college, community

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Members of the Dimensions are, front row from left, Parker Berry, Patrick Martin, Joy St. Clair, Tyi Burrage, Brett Gordon, Noah Stephens, Dylan Laird, Alexandria Bailey, and Zet Mirabueno. Back row from left are Joseph Jernigan, Jharmain Inge, Maggie Freeman, and Miracle Brock. 

“The best thing about being in Dimensions is being yourself and expressing it through music. Especially when the people around you have the same passion for it as you do.” 

That’s how Meridian Community College freshman Brett Gordon of Collinsville, who sings tenor described his association with the College’s music performance group, Dimensions. This group is known for its sessions featuring pop, classic rock, rhythm and blues, Motown, and hip-hop tunes, and live performances at campus, community, and civic events. 

“I remember Dimensions coming to my high school, and it always looked so fun. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and do something I love,” said Parker Berry, a sophomore from Collinsville who sings soprano in the current Dimensions class. 

  In addition to making music, being in the Dimensions is helping to craft a future by giving the students experience. Dylan Laird, a sophomore from Birmingham, Ala., who sings bass, said his career goal is to become a music educator. 

“Dimensions is a group of people who all share a common goal and passion,” said Maggie Freeman, a sophomore from Meridian who sings soprano with the group. “We really are a family, and it always lifts my spirits to go to our practices. Dimensions helps me grow in patience, which will carry on for the rest of my life,” she added. 

Dimensions is under the direction of Tammy Miles, artistic director; Mitch Brantley, instrumental director; and Daniel Boles, technical director. 

The Arts & Letters Series will spotlight the Dimensions during the College’s Music Department’s Christmas Concert on Thursday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. in the McCain Theater. Admission is free of charge.  

Members of the Dimensions Class of 2021-22 include sophomore Alexandria Bailey of Bailey, alto; sophomore Parker Berry of Collinsville, soprano; freshman Miracle Brock of Columbus, alto; sophomore Tyi Burrage of Meridian, tenor; freshman Maggie Freeman of Meridian, soprano; freshman Brett Gordon of Collinsville, tenor; sophomore Jharmain Inge, keys and drums; sophomore Joseph Jernigan of Meridian, drums; sophomore Dylan Laird of Birmingham, Ala., bass; freshman Patrick Martin of Meridian, bass; sophomore Zet Mirabueno of Zambales, Phillippines, tenor; sophomore Joy St. Clair of Meridian, soprano, and freshman Noah Stephens of Collinsville, tenor. 

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