Meridian City Hall

Meridian City Hall 

Dwayne Davis was elected to the Ward 2 seat on the Meridian City Council in a special election on Tuesday, according to city officials. 

Davis received 433 votes and opponent Scott Bancroft received 296 votes, according to City Clerk Brandye Latimer.

Latimer said officials will count affidavit ballots later this week, but that total will not change the outcome of the election. 

Dwayne Davis


Davis, who owns three daycares, said he was interested in developing programs to educate citizens on the voting process, home ownership and building credit scores.

“I’m ready to go to work for Ward 2,” Davis said, after the results were announced. “I’d like to thank Ward 2 for electing me to be a voice ... I’m just excited."

By around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, 233 people had voted at Velma Young Community Center and more than 260 people had voted at Meridian Little Theatre, according to poll workers.

Oak Grove Baptist Church was also used as a polling place. 

Pastor Preston Jones, who voted at Meridian Little Theatre, said he wanted someone honest who would stand up for what's right representing Ward 2. 

G.B. Mitchell, who voted at Velma Young Community Center, said fixing streets and beautifying the neighborhoods should be the council member's top priorities. 

"These streets are in bad repair," Mitchell said. "It tears up your car." 

Tyrone Johnson held the Ward 2 seat but was ousted on Feb. 21 when fellow council members determined he didn’t live in that ward.

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