The city of Meridian terminated Lt. Rita Jack from the Meridian Police Department, Jack's attorney Joseph Denson told the city council Tuesday. 

He said she was fired for misusing software that is "integral to her job."

"How is that possible?" Denson asked the council during the citizen comments part of the council meeting. 

Denson, who said Jack was accused of misusing the software on June 17, referenced a June 12 letter by Chief Administrative Officer Eddie Kelly offering Jack a promotion. 

“Five days later, you think she did something so crazy that would destroy her potential career," Denson said. "That didn’t happen.”

Jack, who has served the police department for more than 22 years, addressed the council last month, calling for continued funding of the assistant chief position and the hiring of a police chief from within the department.

She has expressed interest in leading the department. 

At a meeting of the Meridian Civil Service Commission last month, Jack requested an investigation into the failure of a senior officer to discipline a junior officer, according to Denson.

The commission voted to open the investigations and another requested by Jack in June involving the promotions of two officers.

Denson claimed the city discriminated against Jack on the basis of gender.

Meridian City Attorney Kermit Kendrick has said that the city maintains there was no discrimination against Jack.

Jack has already filed an appeal for her termination with the civil service commission and plans to address it at their meeting next Tuesday, according to Denson. 

“Rita Jack has access to the civil service process," Kelly said, following the council meeting. "She’s in that process and that’s all we can say on that.”

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