EMBDC vital to community's future


When we think about the potential and future of people in our community and region, how can we be more successful? I believe that answer is to work hard to unify as one together as a community and region.

I believe The East Mississippi Business Development (EMBDC) is the solution.

The success of our community moving forward depends on creating additional jobs and bringing new investments to our home in East Mississippi. Together we can put aside the differences that separate us.

We can quit speculating on what could or should have been done, and instead move forward to what we can do now. What we need is to work hard and invest our time and resources in EMBDC.

Each of us need to move forward positively. We need to be committed to communicate with each other and reach out more to our public investors including our local, State, and Federal leadership. They need to know that we will work hard to provide a growing environment in East Mississippi.

We call East Mississippi home, and that is the best place for others to know us and to invest in us. We as a people have to find confidence that we are the ideal place to live, work, and flourish and we welcome others. We are unable to change the past, let our focus be on opportunities. The only bounds to our success is in our own collective minds. We need to dream and focus intentionally on things that bind us together not those that divide us.

I have been fortunate to find that others outside of our area see us differently than we see ourselves. Think about what we have here.

What community has the Riley and Hardin Foundations? What community has a Riley Center, Mississippi State University, MCC, Children’s Museum, a rebounding downtown, connecting interstates, railroads, one of the largest concentrations of pipelines in Mississippi and four hospitals? What community has a Naval Air Station and Mississippi National Guard, and an airport that you could land anything from the space shuttle to a piper cub on?

We have it all in front of us, and we should be proud of it all. Why don’t we concentrate on the future of our community? We have much to be proud of and we deserve investment and jobs in this community.

We need to get busy and make it happen for our people now and generations to come. We have done this in the past, it is now our responsibility to dream again, work hard and get the job done for our people.

E. Bruce Martin is president of Meyer and Rosenbaum, Inc. in Meridian.

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