EMBDC vital to attracting new growth, development


At Lala Enterprises, our mission is to provide a whole new meaning to Southern hospitality. It is more than just a nice place to lay your head at night.

It is about welcoming tourists into our cities and providing them with the comforts that allow them to feel right at home.

This has been the ongoing beauty of our community and is a resource that must be tapped into. Over 40 years ago, my wife and I came to Meridian as tourists, and we knew then that it was the perfect place for us to call home. In fact, East Mississippi has been our home longer than the country in which we were born. We have proudly raised two beautiful children here, and most of all, we have seen this area continuously grow and prosper over the decades.

It has been an honor to have been part of that growth, however, it is important to note, that our successes could not have happened without the citizens in and around the East Mississippi area.

After all, Lala Enterprises humbly employs over 300 citizens that reside in the City of Meridian and Lauderdale County. Additionally, collaborating with the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, an organization committed to the development and further growth of Meridian and Lauderdale County, has felt like the perfect marriage.

Like Lala Enterprises, EMBDC shares an interest in utilizing our hometown resources for attracting new growth and development into the area.

EMBDC has worked diligently to attract new development throughout the area, while also enriching our community by building up our future leaders. Our community, our home, has been and will always be a priority to the EMBDC, which is a true privilege to us all.

East Mississippi has a rich history, a beautiful landscape, a tremendous labor market, and state of the art educational and medical resources that make us unique and make us a front-runner for future growth.

Most of all, we have the heart and the people of this community, people like you, who make our opportunities endless.

Abdul Lala is president and CEO of Lala Enterprises.

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