EMBDC fosters collaboration in the business community


Meridian, Miss., a city with high paying jobs and a great quality of life! . 

Regardless of your age, religion, or gender, I believe we can all agree that we would love to describe Meridian like that, right? 

Well, there are numerous things that need to happen to be able to accomplish such goals.  The real question is, are you willing to do your part to make this happen?

My name is Jorge Frias, and I'm the president of Pioneer Automotive Industries LLC, a distributor to the automotive aftermarket located in the Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park.  

We distribute our products to customers all over the country, and export to countries that are relatively close such as Canada and Mexico and even ones that are far like Australia. In fact, most of our shipments are made to customers outside of Mississippi.

Regardless of this, we decide to support the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, better known as the EMBDC.

The EMBDC is deeply invested in strengthening Meridian, its business community and its economic development. You may ask yourself, how does an organization like the EMBDC support growth?

EMBDC drives economic growth by recruiting companies and new jobs for Meridian.  When a company is evaluating different locations to establish their business, they evaluate factors such as land availability to build a new warehouse, warehouse space that is currently readily available for rent, the access to interstates to ship their products, the availability of a developed task force, the openness of local authorities to accept and help new businesses in our area, the availability of leisure activities and parks, the academic level of the schools, among many other things. 

Normally, these companies compare and evaluate different locations within Mississippi and locations in other states, so we must compete for these projects.  Each of these places have organizations like the EMBDC, that are working diligently to persuade these companies to go to their locations. 

Without the EMBDC, persuading these companies and showing them what Meridian has to offer, opportunities would hardly come to our region. EMBDC is a key element to the recruitment of companies in Meridian, creating new job opportunities and at the end better quality for all local citizens.

EMBDC also fosters collaboration between the business community and helps connect existing companies with the resources and partners they need to grow and be successful. It entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations.

It offers numerous benefits and keeps business owners on top of the important, ever/changing issues and trends within their community. All these tasks support Meridian by creating and retaining jobs in our community. While these objectives often fall under the radar, they are a critical component to a successful economy and community. 

New jobs are extremely important because they are the starting point of an Economic Development Cycle.  When new jobs are created, the local economy becomes healthier. Consequently, people are better able to provide for their families.

This in turn makes the local economy grow because more people spend in local grocery stores, local shops, local restaurants, etc.  In summary, this creates a virtuous economic development cycle.

Although we can’t possibly expect the EMBDC to solve all the areas of opportunity in our community, we can expect the EMBDC to work diligently to promote and help connect local businesses and attract new companies, and you can do your part by joining and supporting the EMBDC.

Once again, are you willing to do your part to make this happen? Let’s all work together and have a proactive approach to achieve this.  Join the EMBDC and let’s all support its important mission: “Support Growth, Connect People and Build Leaders”.

Let’s all do our part to ensure the prosperity of our region and achieve a high quality of life for all who call Meridian their home.


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