Anderson utilizing new stent for cardiac patients

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Daniel Tucker, RN, Ben McBride, RN, Stephanie Hatcher, RN, Dr. Wesley Bennett, Heather Brunelle, RT, Christy Gressett, RN, James Cottles, RT, Ruth Anne Van Drunen, RN, Tabatha Walley, RN

With heart disease remaining the leading cause of death for Mississippians, Anderson Regional Health System continues to stay on the forefront of treatment options to help patients manage this diagnosis. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), a type of heart disease that develops when the heart cannot deliver enough blood to the heart, is often caused by a buildup of plaque that causes the arteries to narrow. As CAD progresses, blood flow to the heart becomes more limited which can trigger a heart attack.

The common treatment for narrow or blocked arteries is implanting a metal mesh coil, known as a stent, into the artery to regain blood flow to the heart. Occasionally, patients who require a stent are found to have very small blood vessels that will not allow the stent to travel from the insertion site to the heart. In these cases, the treatment options have been very limited.

With the newest tool in use at Anderson, these patients can now receive a stent. The Medtronic Resolute Onyx 2.0 Drug-Eluting Stent (DES) is specifically designed for patients with small blood vessels. This stent enables cardiologists to treat patients who have small vessels with the same minimally invasive procedure that traditional stent patients undergo.

Anderson’s first Resolute Onyx 2.0 stent procedure was performed by Dr. Wes Bennett, Interventional Cardiologist with Cardiovascular Institute of the South.

“Approximately 65 percent of smaller vessels are in critical locations of the heart, making them significant lesions to treat. With the addition of this technology, we now have the ability to provide the most appropriate treatment method to a broader range of patients with coronary artery disease,” Bennett said.

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